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WendyMcD 02-16-2021 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by WMUTeach (Post 8460852)
Wendy, there are times and seasons when life seems to challenge us at every turn. I am one who seeks peace and strength in prayer. May I include you and your

Take up your yarn or a quilting project and rest.

Please feel free to pray for mom and me I seem to be going backwards donít seem to be recovering. I canít breathe so good today, 02 constantly and I still have stuff in my lungs. I am so bad that I canít even go to my stash and pull my fabrics for the swap itíll get done just take planning like a day when someoneís here to help me.

Unfortunately my hands hurt so bad that itís agony to sit and stitch. I havenít been able to knit for about three years. So Iíve been sewing and cross stitching the cross stitching has been hurting lately and the sewing takes so much energy. How do you stay in contact with my doctor and he has tests up for me. Weíre an hour away from the city, need a driver, am in server pain on the drive. So Iím sort of hoping Iím going to get better and weíre going to do them on Friday.

WendyMcD 02-16-2021 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by sewbizgirl (Post 8460935)
Wendy, so sorry to hear of your concerns for your mother. .

they actually sent me a photo of her standing. Big step forward. Mom doesnít want to be with my sister any longer than she has to. Plus they went home to 14 inches of snow. And mom doesnít text and I donít phone I lose my voice so weíre quite the pair.

WendyMcD 02-16-2021 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by ibex94 (Post 8460956)
Wendy, hang i there! Until your sister gets ill she may not understand your Mom's weakness but taking her in is still an act of love for you and your mom, to give you both a chance to heal. Just keep telling your sister that your mom has many miles on those bones and needs more rest than folks think. If she goes with her to physical therapy, she can talk to the PTs about it if she thinks your mom is not getting her strength back fast enough. She needs peace and quiet and hopefully, your sister's house will give her that. Your sister needs to feel useful so even if she gets snippy at you, be sure to tell her to go gentle on your mom.
And keep posting in here. Not only is it good for you, it is good for us to hear how you're doing.

The G.I. bleed left me with some fun stuff I canít eat too much fresh anymore. I do juice carrots and make smoothies from the loud stuff. I couldnít take the PPI so I am healing it through what it allows.

momĎs PT is actually at my sisters house her husband used to be a triathlon runner, biker, water guy and now heís aids in remission with the belly and 70 years old. Somehow they were going to get her off the diaper into an hour the bike into and out of some other thing and get her walking thatís all I need for her to come home.

thanks for saying to come here to post I always feel a little hesitant. Except for the day when I rambled on forever. Iím glad you guys are here.

sewbizgirl 02-16-2021 04:33 PM

Ramble and vent all you need to, Wendy. I'll be happy to pray for healing for you and your mom.

IrishMom 02-16-2021 05:56 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Barb - these are the crumb blocks I am working on currently. Each is 6.5 inches. I'm thinking of turning them into star blocks, but need to make more. Or just sash with cornerstones. They are very relaxing as you don't follow any rules! Some people use a foundation behind the crumbs, I did not and they don't seem to move. As you can see in the green block, the pieces get very small - I counted 39 in that block alone. I haven't gotten brave enough yet to mix colors, for me this let me go wild in a controlled way - can you tell I'm an accountant?

sewbizgirl 02-16-2021 06:41 PM

Those crumb blocks look great, Irishmom!

WMUTeach 02-17-2021 03:54 AM

Yummy crumbs. IrishMom. Good way to manage the odds and ends and turn them into something usable.

WMUTeach 02-17-2021 11:59 AM

February 17 - Birthday Swapper update.............We have a new member with a June birthday! Welcome LorMarSzon.
We have 3 newbie swappers who may need our good ideas for packaging, mailing, keeping up in heavy mailing months and just how this whole swapping "thing" works. Thank you every one for joining in this year long birthday party!

NZQuilter - March
AHWU - April
Sewbizgirl - April
Macybaby - May
Irish Mom - May
Gaijin - May
Kele - June
Patrick's Mom - June
Crispy Frog - June
LorMarSzon - June
Hav4boys - July
travelinggranma - August
WMUTeach - September
Loveofquilts - September
ibex94 - September
Cuppy - October
BarbaraKibler23 - October
WendyMcD - October
aboring - January

sewbizgirl 02-17-2021 12:47 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Welcome LorMarSzon! The more the merrier to this birthday swap.

This is the way I package my candies... I find inexpensive birthday cards that are at least 5" x 7.5". Inside I place the candies in 6 stacks of 8, with two on top= 50 candies. Then I do not wrap in plastic! I simply close the card and slip it into the envelope. After a short while the candies will settle and the package becomes thinner. It needs to remain 1/4" or less to be classified as letter mail (cheaper). If it's thicker than that you have to pay package rate (significantly more $). I'm not sure what stamp I will need to use, until I bring the first one to the P.O.

To be ready to mail easily, I prepare all the envelopes at the same time. This year it looks like we will need 18 (19 on the list, minus ourselves). When I'm cutting my scraps I will make 18 piles, and add to each pile as I cut scraps. I must be careful not to duplicate any in the same pile, but the same ones can be put into all 18 piles. Once I have all 50 candies in my 18 piles, I can start loading the cards. And once all the cards are loaded, I stack them somewhere safe where I can find them as I need them. When the birthdays come out, I mail a card to each just as soon as I get the birthday addresses. That way I won't forget. So if a birthday is on the 30th, but we get the address earlier, I just mail earlier. Can't trust my memory!

Have fun, everyone! Send good candies!

travelinggramma 02-17-2021 01:54 PM

Wendy - ramble and vent - it helps. It also reminds me how good I so have it!
Crumbs - like them when i see others, but I just cant be bothered!
Welcome to all the newbies. i also put tape on the side of my envelopes - there has been a few that opened from the pressure of mailing machines. And I don't use plastic either - and never you the sticky kind.

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