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sewbizgirl 01-16-2022 08:04 AM

I’m embarrassed too. Aborning I hope you had a very happy birthday!

Loveofquilts 01-16-2022 04:22 PM

Sorry we messed up aborning. Happy belated birthday! Woohoo! 🎂 🥮

ibex94 01-16-2022 04:28 PM

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Happy Birthday aborning!! According to my notes, your birthday is Jan 17. I hope you are having the weather that you want and are having fun with those candies!

sewbizgirl 01-16-2022 06:54 PM

Oh then we didn’t mess up…. Aborning’s birthday is tomorrow!

NZquilter 01-16-2022 10:49 PM

Happy birthday, aborning!!!

Gaijin 01-17-2022 04:46 PM

Have a wonderful birthday!

ibex94 01-17-2022 05:29 PM

Apparently I missed the bday correction note. Jan 14 for aborning. Happy Belated Birthday for the bday girl whose bday continues.

sewbizgirl 01-17-2022 11:37 PM

I'm sorry... I didn't get a correction notice. Hope aborning had a great birthday on the 14th.

WMUTeach 01-21-2022 03:43 PM

Sewbiz, the correction was on post #1159. Sorry that you missed it. Likely with the holidays and the flurry of message, it just may have been buried among other messages.

aborning 01-30-2022 10:49 AM

I apologize. January has been a month of H**l for me!. Before my birthday I flew to Colorado to help my son move from Colorado to Oklahoma. I was gone 1 1/2 weeks. Then when I got back there was a snowstorm here so I had to stay at the Casino for 3 days, as I am the Hotel Mgr. there and had to help work shifts. I am also short staffed in the Hotel Clerk Dept. at the Casino, and while I was gone one of my hotel Clerks fell and broke her arm so is off work for awhile. Then a week later, another Hotel Clerk got Covid. So I have pretty much been at the Casino at least 12 hours every day. This is the first I have been on the computer since beginning of January. And I have to leave in a little bit to go to work and work until 11 tonight! So my life has been a blurr this month! I haven't even looked at my pthisackages to see if I got from everyone. I assume I did. I will not be joining the group for 2022 year. My life is too busy right now with not having enough staff at work, and I have a feeling that could go on a long time. Every dept. at the Casino is shortst affed and having the Mgrs. help work shifts just to keep everything open. It's definitely a different world now than before Covid!

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