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sewbizgirl 01-15-2021 08:08 PM

I remember Kele from an earlier swap. I was in the 2nd thru 4th swaps and kele was in the swap then. Hi kele!

djmat 01-15-2021 08:34 PM

Joining next year is better for my renovation schedule & half acre garden plan with adult kids here to help!
I had a lot of fun doing this swap for years! Thank You to Barb for her years of dedication to this swap!!!
Hope a lot of quilters sign up & hope y'all have fun with it!!!
hugs & best wishes,

ahwu 01-15-2021 08:39 PM

I just up sign for this swap. I was in the first two swaps and took some time off from quilting and the board when I had my baby girl. I made a few baby quilts for friends and knitted a few scarfs since then. I have missed quilting and catching up with quilting friends. I look forward to this swap and getting back to quilting.

NZquilter 01-16-2021 05:51 AM

I'm going to check if I have enough different fabrics than last year before I sign up for this year. I didn't buy much new fabric last year. I loved the comradery of the group for a whole year!

sewbizgirl 01-16-2021 10:20 AM

Hi ahwu! Welcome back!

NZQuilter, it does take quite a bit of fabrics to make 50 new each year. Hope you find them! I had tons of scraps and 2.5" strips that I am cutting up. Don't know if I could do this every year, tho.

WMUTeach 01-16-2021 06:33 PM

Joining this year's swap

Originally Posted by kele (Post 8452721)
Hi! I'd like to join in. Do I need to get a recommendation? I've been in this swap before.

Since you have been in previous swaps, PM your info to me.

kele 01-17-2021 10:30 AM

WMUTeach, I sent a PM.

Hi sewbizgirl! I remember your Arkansas Crossroads quilt from a few swaps back. Such a beautiful example of what can be made with these little squares!

I haven't swapped, sewed, quilted, anything for about a year. Trying to get back to it all and very happy to be in this swap. I'll start cutting squares later today.

sewbizgirl 01-17-2021 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by kele (Post 8453409)

Hi sewbizgirl! I remember your Arkansas Crossroads quilt from a few swaps back. Such a beautiful example of what can be made with these little squares!

Thank you! My husband's uncle has that quilt now. He wanted one of my quilts, and I let him choose from what I had. Isn't it funny that a man would choose such a bright quilt? https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/tongue.png

WMUTeach 01-17-2021 11:39 AM

As of this afternoon we have ten members in the new swap that starts in March 2021. Plenty of room for more and plenty of time to make a decision. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/wink.png

AHWU - April
Sewbizgirl - April
Irish Mom - May
Gaijin - May
Kele - June
Patrick's Mom - June
Hav4boys - July
WMUTeach - September
BarbaraKibler23 - October
aborning - January

travelinggramma 01-19-2021 05:23 PM

I have been so crazy I didn't even see this get posted! I am signing up again. Not sure where I will be this year for my birthday, but I always bring my prepared cards so can send wherever I am.
Thanks for keeping this going - the work you do is appreciated.

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