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m-fay 03-08-2020 02:47 PM

Wow sue that is beautiful I love the colours and the pattern

Northern Sue 03-09-2020 10:55 AM

Originally Posted by R-sea (Post 8367219)
Northern Sue, when you described your tablerunner , I screwed up my face wondering what it would look like. What a lovely out come those colours made. It's beautiful

lol It made you think didn't it? It's one of my rare ventures into abstract thoughts or interpretations of fabric! :)

Northern Sue 03-23-2020 10:47 AM

what is the latest with everyone? Hoping everyone is healthy & safe & tucked into your homes, working of projects. COVID-19 is worldwide and unnerving to say the least! I certainly don't have any shortage of fabric, or things on my wish list to make, but seem to be having trouble just buckling down and working on something! Anyone else feel that way too? Still have to quilt my runner and time is running out! Our post offices are still open but not sure if that will change. Drop a note and tell us how you are please?

lawsonmugs 03-23-2020 11:37 AM

Glad to hear you are ok. Sue. I'm fine just staying in. My husband is 82 and had pnemonia last winter, I am 71 and have a mechanical heart valve and diabeties so we are staying in. Have several family and friends checking on us. We live way out in the sticks on a farm. so I always have supplies. Especially during winter. We had a bull butchered last month and have half of it in our freezer and hens laying fresh eggs. so we are set. Hope everyone else is doing good too. Keep the faith and pray for each other. Hugs to everyone.

m-fay 03-23-2020 02:45 PM

Staying in
Like lawsonmugs I live out of town,alone but son lives next door. I'm 76 and my grandkids are going to shop for me and deliver. I worry about my daughter in law,next door as she is a smoker,I hope she lets the grandkids shop for her too. Our little town has no shops now,very rural and nearest town a are about 30 kms away.. my March swaps are all ready for posting and now I'm blitzing the house. When the virus finally leaves us I'll have a lot of stuff for st Vinnies and a garage sale as well and a half empty but clean house and garden.

lawsonmugs 03-23-2020 04:52 PM

Marion, so glad to know you also have help nearby.Stay well my friend.

R-sea 03-23-2020 11:27 PM

I am doing fine I am 78 and live in a coastal town of around 500 , although in holiday time the number swells. People have been asked not to holiday anywhere in the country, Even our borders between states are closed . I have my runner ready to send

CarolinePaj 03-25-2020 04:43 PM

Hi Ladies,

Well it is that time.... please let me know if with everything that is happening if you still wish to participate in this swap. I am happy to go ahead although I will not be able to get proof of posting as I cannot go to the Post Office.... but I can buy postage on line so you will just have to trust that I have mailed!!!!

If we don't have enough I will postpone... so letting me know asap would be helpful!



m-fay 03-26-2020 07:33 AM

Count me in again
Hi Caroline, I'm good to go again and it's ready to post. Stay well everyone but if you need to cancel I'll be ready for the next one

Northern Sue 03-26-2020 04:34 PM

I haven't had a chance to quilt my runner yet, but hope to have it ready to go! No problem if you/anyone wants to delay/postpone. As far as I know our Post Office is still open for mailing out. I'm rural so can't do from home. When is our absolute last day to let you know if we are in?

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