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Blueridgebeverly 04-29-2020 07:27 AM

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It is good to hear that you guys are doing well. Everyone in my family is healthy. Iíve been making masks for family and friends. Also a few to donate. Iíve also kept up with a block of the month sew along (2020 Color Challenge) and a table runner. Here is the table runner in progress.

m-fay 04-29-2020 03:44 PM

That is beautiful so far beverly.. I've been unpicking flour bags and cleaning them up to make something. I also have an old feather doona that the feathers have all gone to one end. I'm thinking of combining the 2 and making a cover for my camp chair, That should make it cozy for winter camping round camp fire.

Blueridgebeverly 04-29-2020 09:49 PM

m-fay, a cover for your camp chair does sound like a cozy idea. What is a doona? Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t know.....when I google it, a car seat/stroller comes up.

m-fay 04-30-2020 07:00 AM

A doona is a stuffed quilt like an eiderdown.. Maybe it's only Australians that call it a doona.

lawsonmugs 04-30-2020 07:18 AM

Go ahead Beverly ask her what a eiderdown is. LOL. I don't know what either is. But your runner is starting out pretty Marion.

Northern Sue 04-30-2020 11:48 AM

I'm sitting here chuckling - I had no idea what a doona was either! An eiderdown is a puffy, goose down or similar quilt isn't it? So glad to hear that Caroline & family well during this time! And it's fantastic to finally see some life on this site! I was wondering where everyone had gone to! I was looking for something today (don't remember what now!) in my quilting stuff & same across a card I received with an runner from Rosalyn (R-sea) a couple of years ago maybe. Inside was a handwritten note and the beverage to go with the introduction:
"I'd like to come and visit you
and have a cup of tea,
but as you so far away,
please have this one on me ..."
And yes the beverage was a teabag, Darjeeling Black Tea!

So hey everyone, grab a cup of your favorite & set down for a few & think of all the runner ideas Carolyn is going to want to hear about when we get up and running again!

m-fay 05-01-2020 06:34 PM

Lawson, the runner is Beverly and it is looking good. Sue has answered the eiderdown question...now I want to know, what do you call them. And Sue I have made my cuppa, in a mug sent with a table runner from Beverly . (Thanks Bev) I got excited with the night theme TR and this idea popped into my head straight away, loved it so much can't give it away so I made a very different one that I love too and it'll be in next swap. The silhouette is my late husband and we did a lot of beach fishing. The runner in front on the photo is from Anna.i can't do the photo on my phone so I'll send it separately

m-fay 05-01-2020 06:40 PM

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heres the photo

Annaquilts 05-05-2020 07:47 AM

Originally Posted by m-fay (Post 8382322)
heres the photo

And a table runner send by me. Atleast the bottom one with squares. Surprised to see it in the picture but glad you are enjoying it. This is such a fun swap. I am kind of going through a dry patch as far as quilting goes but hopefully soon I will join again. It is fun seeing everyone and their work.

m-fay "The silhouette is my late husband and we did a lot of beach fishing."
It is beautiful and special.

Hugs, Anna

Northern Sue 05-30-2020 10:30 AM

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Hey everyone? Are you still here? I'm not sure if everyone is finding themselves kind of distracted, even from quilting, in this current climate of the pandemic & social upheaval! Quilting is usually my safe & comforting place, even in my head, but sometimes its a struggle at the moment. However, today I'm making flying geese (millions of them I think!) for my Unity quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I'm going to try to attach a pic, to show how bored my girls are with these flying geese too! :)
Anyone know whether our next runners will be due at end of June? or later? Hope everyone has stayed safe & well! What are you creating? Maggie & Zoe grew tired of the multiple trips between the sewing machine & the iron! lol
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