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dreamer2009 12-07-2014 02:09 PM

Originally Posted by tlrnhi (Post 6998707)
Send the card to her now!

I can't find where I put it.

cannyquilter 12-07-2014 02:12 PM

Shelley I did a little snooping from posts you had made.

I laughed out loud when I saw the Tardis mug rug.

Glad you like what I sent you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Mariposa 12-07-2014 02:19 PM

Many thanks to my ss: Jan Rutherford! Lots of goodies, including 2 FQ's, 5 misc. patterns, a bottle of Best Press, a humor book, caramels, air freshener, autumn napkins, notepad & pens, bar of soap. Handmade items: coasters, a mug rug, sm. fabric bag, a needles chart holder, tiny bag w/zipper, a bird ornament, and lovely cross stitch card.
Thanks Jan! I appreciate your generosity!!

Dedemac 12-07-2014 02:21 PM

2 Attachment(s)
RoseIrish48 I am overwhelmed at the amount of goodies you gave me. The subscription by it self would have been enough but there was so much more. The Apron, a table runner with matching place mats, loads of notions.
There are three cross stitch patterns with embellishments! And Puzzles Yea! Love sudoku, that will be the first to get filled up, I have to wait until the puzzle that is in my puzzle board is finished to start the new one, but it looks fun. My DH kept trying to find hard puzzles for me, I even did one with 7 extra pieces in the box no straight sides and only a partial picture. I was one of the first 500 to send a picture where they hid a drawing in the design. Impossibles by Bepuzzled even sent me a t-shirt.
The first thing I opened was the Lady Bug apron!! It is so cute. I have been looking at the finger presser things but could never convince my self to get one, but wanted to try it. Do they really work? Now I can find out. Thank you you are a great Secret Santa and Ornament Elf. Now to have the Cabana boy fill my glass and have some Chocolate, Aldis has the best chocolate.

ArizonaKAT 12-07-2014 02:29 PM

MizMelly, So glad you enjoyed your box! You are the reason I stopped giving hints. Every time I would hint, you would post and say it was you. Went all the way into PHX to mail your box to set you off the trail. When you called me an enabler, I almost told you NOT to open YOUR box. Figured that would REALLY give me away!

VickiM 12-07-2014 02:34 PM

3 Attachment(s)
My ss was sneaky...first she hand delivers, let's me believe she received it from my real ss in AL. Ok, that's different. But, come to find out that SewDiva & I are friends...even sit together in guild! Sneaky girl, Dorothy!!!:) I will list some of the things & what I forget, I hope pics will cover. A smile, a solar snowman, a necklace (I take it you made it since I know you make jewelry--hopefully when my GD sees it, she won't steal it :) ), hand delivered poinsettea plant, a cute embroidered fake (no open flames because of the cat) tealight & cover; love it! A pkg of quilting needles for the machine (she knows I don't have time for handwork so everything gets done on the machine), a cute passport wallet & stickynotes (they are everywhere in my house! Memory, you know?), a couple of patterns, a quilting magazine, a frixxon pen (love them!), fat quarters & extra fabric to make a cute kid's quilt, AND LOTS OF SCRAPS (I absolutely love scraps!), and a storage box (I always need them to keep projects together). Love it all & thank you so much Dorothy. Oh, & she even found the cutest chocolate tool set for hubby, which he says thank you very much. Oh, almost forgot, she sent me lots of edible goodies & knows how much I love Nutella!

Looks like lots of great packages this year so far...waiting for my giftee to post that she opened, she posts on the mysterytrain thread but never here. Merry Xmas early everyone & happy birthday again Teri.

BrendaK 12-07-2014 02:41 PM

Originally Posted by btiny36 (Post 6998201)
Although I know we are anxious to open our gifts today. Lets take a moment to remember what today is

You are so right. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs to you all. BrendaK

ljs317 12-07-2014 02:43 PM

I thought the time to open was now so I may just have jumped the gun but oh well here goes.
Thank you jeanne49. Aka Jeanne..
What a wonderful gift box. A table runner, placemat ,mug rug, several super notepads , pink gloves, note cards,a wrist pin cushion, a homemade hex star pin cushion, pink tape measure, cider drink mixes, skittles and runts candy, needle puller, seam ripper, point turner, tea, and a few patterns. Plus a giant Stackof the sweetest tiny print fabrics. Yeah I love everything . Thank you so much!!!!!!!

ArizonaKAT 12-07-2014 02:44 PM

1 Attachment(s)
WOW! Opened my box. I got such cool things, I don't know where to start. Got the BEST salt and pepper shakers yet! My GD LOVES The Wizard of OZ and has vowed to end up with my little house and red slippers!

Handmade scarf, fabric colors I love but never seem to buy myself. The most intricate holiday mug rug. Will use that tonight with my tea and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Gifts of Christmas Book (with the air traffic controller story bookmarked), a magnetic turtle fridge magnet to hold post-its AND . . .

NESSIE . . . I GOT THE SOCKS! Enough to last me the entire Holiday Season.

Thank you so much Hav4Boys!

ArizonaKAT 12-07-2014 02:49 PM

OH, I forgot the chocolate covered cherries! Haven't gotten them as a gift since my Dad passed 20 years ago. Very special memories (notice they are NOT in the pic :-)

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