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barbarakibler23 02-18-2020 07:42 PM

Originally Posted by Teen (Post 8361409)
Great plan, Connie. I clean my sewing room after every project....but I, also, straighten up each evening when I'm done for the day. I know I know...totally anal...but it works for me.

Today, I cut up the quilt trimmings of 2 quilts from LA'r. I chose a different binding instead of using the trims from backing. I, also,made another fabric basket. I just have one more to do...pink... Although, I may make one for patriotics. I have large scraps and FQ's from QOV's... Thought I'd share a group picture..

Love the fabric basic as well as your glass shelves! Looks really nice!

rryder 02-19-2020 03:09 AM

Nice group shot, Teen. I love the idea of using the fabric baskets for your scraps and using the barrister bookcases for fabric storage.

i have finished organizing the easiest of my fabric drawers. Today I’m going to start working on the ones that have larger cuts of fabric. I’m hoping to free up some space so I will have room to store my ruler quilting rulers in a drawer next to my Sweet16. Right now they live in two containers that sit on the left extension leaf of my Sweet16 which is handy but they get in the way and have to be moved whenever I’m quilting a larger project.


retiredteacher09 02-19-2020 04:25 PM

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Well, I went into my sewing area this morning with the intent to add borders to a quilt top. I turned on the iron and got sidetracked with an organization project. I’m not sure how many times I pushed the ‘heat up’ button on my iron but, finally, about 4 hours later, I ironed the fabric, cut my first border and got it sewed on. Lol!

However, I did make good progress on my organization project. I had drawers for squares and strips but in different spots in the area. So I drew up a plan of where the cuts would go and made labels for the drawers. I still have some sorting and labeling to do but now I can go to one drawer system and know I have, for example, my 3” squares sorted along with 3.5” strips of less than WOF all in the same drawer system.

Claire123 02-19-2020 06:05 PM

I was able to drop off another pile of fabric and miscellaneous patterns and sewing supplies and the guild meeting for the bazaar we are having. Glad to pare down a little.
I am still working through some scraps and finishing some smaller projects. Organizing the scraps into sizes has helped. I thought I'd start with my focus being on the black and white scraps and hope to at least get everything eventually back into the black and white container.

newbee3 02-20-2020 08:59 AM

I cut out of scrap strips for a small quilt so thinned out scraps kinda

cannyquilter 02-20-2020 02:34 PM

Back into my sewing room today and I managed to sort my scraps into strips and the others into colours. They are now in individual baskets. The plan is to take a basket at a time and starch, iron and cut each colour way. I've five baskets so if I only do one a week it will be all done in five weeks.

Teen I love your fabric baskets, I wish I had your discipline to tidy up immediately. I'm hoping once everything is properly organised I'll be more motivated to tidy up after each sewing session to keep my sewing room tidy.

rryder 02-21-2020 02:02 PM

It's amazing how much less mess I have laying around on my work surfaces now that I've reorganized my fabric drawers and added the 2nd Suzi unit. I've actually found places to put most of the things that just seemed to float around before. It was wonderful to walk into my quilting space today and be able to just start quilting without having to move stuff off my Sweet 16. And, my PQ1500s is also clear of stuff that would have to be moved before I can use it-- which is good, since I still need to make a hanging sleeve for the project that I finished quilting and binding two weeks ago.

Today I decided to declutter the nightstand beside my bed. Somehow it had accumulated an 8" tall pile of mixed up papers and books and 3 pairs of reading glasses and a book light :eek:. All that's gone now.

petthefabric 02-21-2020 02:20 PM

The current project is pillow cases from oriental fabrics. So one shelf of oriental fabrics was reorganized to "save for another project", main fabric (at least 24") coordinating cuff (9") and accent band (1"). Finished all the combinations from that shelf, so sorted another shelf.There are 4 shelves of oriental fabrics. So far I've sewn-7, cut & with the traveling machine-6, & cut and at the sewing machine-8; total 21. It takes 1 yd for each so that's 21+ yards (there is some scraps) off the shelves.

Time to sew-no more cutting until these are done.

Teen 02-21-2020 02:33 PM

Thanks so much, everyone. Making these baskets used up a bunch of batting scraps, too. That box is no longer exploding all over the place. But, it won't be long before more is added.

Well done, All of You! Petthefabric.....your oriental collection sounds like my polka dot stash. I worked with polka dots last year for about 7 mos hoping to deplete it a bit but still is a bunch. I Started to use some of these precious pieces for backing but that hurt too much...lol... It's time to kit up another project for them... I need to make a couple of baby quilts for inventory...

No organizing today. I repotted a couple of root bound plants, tho' and burned another pile of tree limbs.

retiredteacher09 02-23-2020 07:06 PM

I finally got my squares and strips reorganized. Most of my rolling cart drawers aren’t very tall and many of them filled up fast. I will need to start sewing scrappy quilts and pull from those stuffed drawers. I think that will be a good summer project.

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