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jbrother 01-04-2020 11:55 PM

Destashing and Planning
Only sewers and quilters would understand what I am about to say. I kept trying to organize my sewing room, and found myself just moving stuff from pile to pile without really organizing it. I finally realized that I had about triple the amount of stuff that would fit in my small sewing room, as I inherited my mother's sewing room contents, so I had to destash to make room for organizing. I destashed my quilting stash as well as my clothing stash and donated to a local sewer who works with our Linus project and is also a clothing construction teacher in a local high school. It felt good for my precious stashes to be going to someone who could really use them, and I understand that they will be put to good use because many of the girls who take clothing construction cannot afford the fabrics to do their projects. We need to encourage the next generation of sewers, and this is my small way of doing it. Got rid of a bulky ironing board and iron, a sewing cabinet, tons of notions and myriad other things that I inherited from my mother's stash that I had been holding onto since her death...I finally let it go. A weight has been lifted, and I can now get organized and get back to sewing. I also purchased The Quilter's Planner so I can plan and track progress on all of my UFOs, hoping I will complete more in 2020.

WMUTeach 01-05-2020 03:53 AM

Yesterday I vowed to dedicate 30 minutes to my sewing room. Well, as so often happens, 90 minutes later I found my carpet and the surface of my sewing table. Several projects are bagged,(Bonny Hunter Mystery, a baby quilt and the start of a future quilt for a niece) and put in the closet. Scraps are returned to their color bins, large pieces that were out for auditioning..... back to their color bin. Misc. tools, pins and "stuff" back to their places and two UFO's sitting out ready to be finished. Wozzers, did it feel good to make my space a work place rather than an archeological dig site. Now, I can safely begin to work again on new projects and finish what is already started or planned. A new year is such a good thing. Whoo Hoo!

To those of you who are feeling overwhelmed, I found that simply folding up my ironing board cleared space. I understand it's use, but I was using it as a place to just toss stuff rather than putting the "stuff" away. My little ironing board, that old TV Tray, is all that I need for pressing quilt pieces. It was a good first step to clearing out my "diggs".

Battle Axe 01-05-2020 04:02 AM

I'm going to try the 5 book de-stash. Thanks Tallchick.

jmoore 01-05-2020 04:19 AM

Originally Posted by Teen (Post 8347702)
Rob...I did the big stuff when I packed to move. I highly recommend moving every 5 years...lolololol.... My hope is to stay organized....so I'm making baby steps every day to keep organized and clutter free.

Teen, I cannot imagine having to pack up my sewing room at this point in time. Lol. Like you, I keep my room organized in small doses (baby steps) by spending about 15-20 minutes each week (usually a Friday) tidying up.

WMUTeach, sounds like you made great strides in the 90 minutes you spent reorganizing your sewing area...congrats. Iím sure it felt good to have it done.

Teen 01-05-2020 06:29 PM

Jbrother....your story is so inspiring. I don't keep a lot of stash but I use to take large pieces of fabric that did not appeal to me to a church group and felt good about them putting to good use. Good to hear you are able to let go of some of mom's stuff. Her legacy will live on through those in need.

WMUteacher... You had me cracking up about the archeological dig site. I got a clear visual of what you accomplished today. Well done!

Jmoore...fingers crossed that you are able to stay on top of your creative space. I'm waaaaay too anal so clean and organized is a psychological necessity. Lol..

oksewglad 01-05-2020 08:50 PM

I've been sewing pressing and trimming triangles, most are 1 1/2" cut, some 1 3/4"...and then I found some more! I'm sewing light to dark...think along the lines of KT, Jo Morton, or Kim Diehl colors. My plan is to make 10" squares...some with the 1 1/2 (takes 100 per block) and others with 1 3/4 ( takes 64). The way it is looking I will have more 1 3/4 than 1 1/2 HST. This will take a while.....

Battle Axe 01-06-2020 03:14 AM

I've picked out 5 books and one unused program. I"m going to list them on this forum for free, you pay postage and first come first serve. I know we have some Civil War buffs here and one book is a Civil War Quilter's stories.

cannyquilter 01-06-2020 06:14 AM

I've been trying to sort in 15 min bursts. I have a 15minute sandtimer so I use that. I am trying to do 4 x 15 minutes each day beginning to see a little bit of daylight. I've been derailed slightly by sorting and cutting scraps. My sewing group (just friends we meet once a month) are going to make some charity quilts to use up all my scraps. Our local library has asked us to make one for the children's reading area and we are going to make some project Linus quilts also. The one for the library is just going to be 12" squares using 2 1/2" squares all from scrap and then sashed into 4 x 5 square quilt. Reading everyone's experiences is inspiring me to keep going thanks.

juliasb 01-06-2020 06:28 AM

Today, Jan 6, 2020 I will be taking down Christmas decorations and trying to make sense of the extra bed room where my Grace frame is. Right now it is getting the morning coffee so I can tackle the job. Will at least have the decorations down today and pop bottles out of the way and on their way to be recycled. I have packed so much in that room that I can barely find the guest bed! Hopefully by tomorrow I will have it is fair order so I can start using things again. Tackling my sewing studio is another thing.
I had company last night for dinner and their 8 year old daughter embarrassed her mother by saying, " boy is this room messy!" This will be next on the list. One day at a time

Teen 01-06-2020 04:15 PM

I finished my quilt top and cut up all my scraps. Typically, I'll try and make a 2nd quilt with the leftovers but there was just not enough large pieces...so I cut them up. I have 2 empty project/art bins.. Woohoo..

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