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retiredteacher09 10-31-2020 08:22 AM

Yesterday, I decided to start sorting through a couple of shoebox sized tubs of various sizes of squares. Most were tossed in the tubs when I was sorting through donations to my church quilters. It’s a great project to work on when I’m watching tv. Most of the squares are 3.5” and smaller and many need trimming to my favorite sizes. My die cutter comes in handy for the trimming part. The die cutter is downstairs and my sorting table is upstairs so I can get some exercise in too. Lol!

I have some shallow drawers that are stuffed with my favorite sizes so I decided to sort some 3.5” squares by color and put them into a deeper drawer system. It will be a chaotic mess for a few days but worth it.

Enjoy the day and stay safe.

rryder 10-31-2020 11:54 AM

Today I’m working on dealing with paper scraps from making Christmas journals. I’ve gotten them sorted by size and am using my die cutter to turn them into useful pieces for other projects I’ve got planned.


Julienm1 10-31-2020 03:07 PM

Taking the weekend off. Instead looking for stuff that has been packed up and playing with my EQ5. Had program before but wouldn't load on new computer. Found a good deal on EBay. Suits my needs just fine. Don't need fancy computer stuff for what I do. Now to continue digging...lol

oksewglad 11-09-2020 06:55 AM

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Julie, I haven't upgraded EQ from 7 either. I'm like you, there's a lot I don't use in the program but love how I can change border sizes, color combos. I have imported fabrics if I can find them the image on line, but it's taken a bit of playing to get it used properly.

I saw an antique quilt on line that I loved and knew I had some special fabric to use with it. I went to EQ and plotted out the quilt and played with color combos. BTW, Julie, if I don't have the actual fabric in EQ I find a fabric with similar color and scale to give me a general idea. I also pulled stash fabric that could be useful in the quilt. Then found my 1 1/2" bin and pulled out dark and light strips and pieces to use in the 9P for the quilt. I'm going to need 224 9P's so this will take a while! Next I need to go through my 3 1/2" light fabrics and light fabric scraps for the 224 alternating squares. In case you are wondering here is my initial plan...color placement may change in the long strips, but for now this is what I envision.

Teen 11-09-2020 05:42 PM

OK...that is a great pattern...and the colorway is awesome. EQ is fantastic for colorway playing...Inuse it all the time. I need to start making some of the quilts I designed.

Today, I purchased a new set of stainless steel pots and pans. When I moved, I got rid of a lot of mismatched stuff and planned to buy a new set once settled. My stove is induction so I’ve been using cast iron stuff and those are sooooo heavy. Making Sunday breakfast was the deciding factor for me. UGH! So, today, I sorted and organized cub bards after washing my new set. I used them for dinner tonight and they were lovely... happy girl!

oksewglad 11-09-2020 06:04 PM

Thanks, Teen. It's not a UFO until I start cutting and sewing and it will be a WIP for a while then too! LOL

New pots and pans...how delightful. Must admit I still use my cast iron pieces...one small skillet was given to me as a shower gift 49 years ago...I guess you could say it is well seasoned!

Julienm1 11-09-2020 06:55 PM

Today mail "person" delivered more turquoise fab for dd's queen quilt. Now need to check yardage for accent colors...think wild...line green, yellow, cream. Book came today with pattern. Someone here won a ribbon I think from book Crazy for Scraps. Ordered the book but will make the blocks at least 4 finished rather than 2.5". Sent email to Quilter Twins for more of a panel I got today. OH, organizing? Gathering what I have to see what else I need. Enjoying special egg nog so no sewing until tomorrow.

Teen 11-09-2020 07:00 PM

Lol....your egg nog comment cracked me up.. stay away from scissors until tomorrow...lol..

retiredteacher09 11-10-2020 04:36 PM

oksewglad: Another pattern that would use up my precut squares! Thanks for sharing.

Teen: Enjoy your new pots and pans.

julienm1: ❤️ Organizing to see what you need!

My second son is waiting for his COVID results so I texted him some pictures of items of his that are still at my house. Their house is smaller and there is now baby stuff for Jack who is 9 months old. He said to toss/get rid of most of the stuff so that makes me happy. One larger tub and a big box are history. I also found 3 bed covering items that will get washed and given away. 👍Tomorrow, I may go through some tubs of VCR tapes or find another one of his boxes and sort through it. He needs a distraction and he feels sad because he needs to stay secluded from his wife and son. Praying he is negative but, if he is positive, that he will continue to have mild symptoms only.

Julienm1 11-10-2020 05:08 PM

Why is it why we/me/I start new scrappy project I make such a mess? Do I need a bigger space to organize differently so it would be easier to audition fabric? Do I change my mind too many times trying to find the right outcome? I think it's time to tidy up the best I can and have some special egg nog. Did you know egg nog is available in October in NM?

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