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tallchick 01-19-2020 08:09 AM

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I知 95% done with my overhaul! I had to order a few more smaller containers and they won稚 be here till Thursday (I guess stores sell out quickly after the holidays 🤪).

1: I致e been through my collections 7 times and I知 happy with the end results of keepers, and did add several more to my sell box.

2: I have 3 very large totes of fabric for donation to a local Church that does charity quilting.

3: Next is to empty the last cabinet and post them for free on Craigslist, there are 3.

4: I did get all my Asian Fabrics in one tote, all my One Block Wonder fabrics in another and all others are sorted by Batiks, Solids, Blenders and Assorted and then sub sorted by yardage, half yards, and fat quarters and those loosely sorted by colors. All containers are clear and marked with a label on the outside as to the contents.

5: Once I have that all done I知 going to have some painting done and the lighting changed out.

I have posted the containers I used in case anyone else is interested in using this method.

1: First & Second pic is the under bed tote, these hold 220 Fat Quarters or 106 Half Yard cuts.

2: Third pic is the smaller container that can hold 53 1 yard cuts. I use these for 1-3 yard cuts and find them perfect.

So far I have 8 smaller containers and 23 of the larger containers, considering I started this a month ago I知 pretty pleased with the progress.

Teen 01-19-2020 09:54 AM

Tallchick....that looks fantastic. And it looks so functional meaning it looks super easy to find what you need without digging. Thanks for the pics on the containers you use.

Rob.....I had the same problem in my old house. i left crap out that needed my attention and it began to look like a trash pile. In my new home, I dedicated a specific desk drawer (not the one you would hang files in) I mentally labeled "active" and placed 3 file folders. One reads "deadlines" and I put things that had to get done by a certain date in there. The second labeled "read and file" and the third labeled "misc" I have to stay kind of disciplined and be sure to go through them often so it doesn't get out of hand. I open that drawer once a week to take action and/or purge. It seems to work for me. I can, on occasion, procrastinate lol.... So one of my New Years goals was to not do that.. ...ask me how this is going in June's....lol..

if you don't have a drawer to do this, you can buy a plastic file container w/lid from office supply house and create a file system of that stuff. Again, you have to eventually go thru and take action/purge. This is what I did during the construction when I lived in RV.

SewingSenior 01-19-2020 01:17 PM

Since I'm waiting on the pattern book for my next project, I thought I'd take the opportunity to declutter and clean my notions and misc. drawers. Only filled up 2 tall kitchen size trash bags from the first 2 drawers and now they look almost empty. Boy that book better come soon or I'll have to go buy more stuff to put back in the drawers.

retiredteacher09 01-19-2020 04:50 PM

tallchick: You are making great progress.

rryder 01-20-2020 03:20 AM

That is some serious progress, Tallchick! Thanks for posting pics of your totes. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Teen- thanks for explaining your system- sounds like exactly the kind of thing that I need to implement! I think finding/making a space in my office for the three files will be my organizing project for today.

keep up the good work everyone!


jmoore 01-20-2020 04:11 AM

Teen, your new hutch is lovely. I’m glad you have found a new set of rules to keep organized in your new home.
Tallchick, you are making great strides and like Teen said, it looks very functional. You must have an amazing stash.
Claire, welcome to this thread and keep us posted on your progress. Your list is a great beginning to your 2020 goals.

zozee 01-20-2020 09:50 AM

Tallchick, I知 impressed. You have purged very thoroughly and really organized your keepers well. Good job!

retiredteacher09 01-20-2020 04:25 PM

I decided today I needed to finally go through my huge tub that held extra sheets and mattress pads. On Black Friday, I ordered 2 new sheet sets. Now the old ones will be given to my church group for quilt backs and they will probably use the mattress pads as batting.

Christine- 01-20-2020 05:08 PM

I needed something to keep my strips organized and at hand. I bought a 3 tier shelf on wheels that I can keep next to my sewing machine or roll it to the cutting table. It works for me!

retiredteacher09 01-20-2020 05:13 PM

Christine: Great idea!

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