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What are we organizing today 2022

What are we organizing today 2022

Old 01-03-2022, 05:44 PM
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Iceblossom. Good luck. A new adventure sounds amazing but understandable scary. Will it just be the two of you new there or do you have some friends/family already settled in the area? I wish you the best!!!

everyone that is getting some things accomplished - good for you! I start tomorrow. My GD is coming over to help. Is it very hard for me to have help as i don't want to be bullied in to getting rid of stuff or ridiculed for items i have hung on to for no apparent good reason! Anyway, i dont really have the confidence that my GD has that we will get much done.

some times we have to realize that it is only us that can make things happen. Ourselves. We cant rely on any one else.
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Old 01-03-2022, 05:45 PM
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Ice Blossom, where are you moving? Far/near?
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Old 01-03-2022, 05:57 PM
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Hello all,
I am inspired by what folks have posted on here - I have an ambitious plan for 2022 for the sewing room, but it involves much of the house:

After a major renovation (almost 6 months) of kitchen/main floor family room/foyer, extra cabinets were surplused. This meant one large floor to ceiling type cabinet got moved in to the sewing room for future use, but the renovations also meant mothballing the long arm (dust protection), and the sewing room became the dumping ground for everything else....

Now, the upper kitchen cabinets are to be moved to the laundry room, the upper cabinets in the laundry room are going to the storage room.
The small cabinets from either side of the old bathroom vanity (bathroom reno 2017) were in the sewing room being used. As they match the old kitchen ones they're going into the laundry room which is also the small 3 piece bath room...

Then the major sewing room re-organization can truly begin. Since the sewing room is really the main floor living room, our intent is to extend the flooring from foyer into this room, build french doors or some such type of door at the archway for privacy/hide the clutter and paint the ceiling and walls too...

All the mish mash of cabinetry from a multitude of sources over the years will be weaned down and some moved on to other spots in the house or donated as the additional cupboards from the kitchen should mean I don't need all of them.

A major re-organization of tools and fabric is scheduled, and I'm anxious to get started. It's one of those "This has to happen so this can happen" scenarios and the cabinetry removal requires DH to be available and motivated....

Wish me luck!

I'll try and take some before photos....

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Old 01-04-2022, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorothytrauh View Post
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Iceblossom, I can only imagine the emotional and physical challenges you are about to endure. When I moved from California to Maine more than ten years ago, I boxed up things I felt I couldnít part with and paid to transport more than 6,000 lbs of personal belongings (at $1.00/lb). As it turns out, a lot of what I thought I needed, stayed in boxes for several years and I finally did a big purge when I needed to clear the attic space over our two car garage so I could build a sewing studio. 🤪 I could have probably saved myself a few dollars had I been able to make the separation of those items before I packed them up in California. All things scary, I wish you all the best in your decision making and Iím sure once you head to Illinois, you and hubby will embrace the new adventure.
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Old 01-04-2022, 09:12 AM
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Looks like most of you all found the personal diary section with more move details on location and stuff. You do have to be signed into the boards for that option to come up.

But for this thread, I did get a tiny bit done yesterday. Today I'm going to make a big mess to put together some scattered things that I've already designated as good to go. A lot of the tops I've been making and that are in these tubs are the reasons I collected the fabrics. There are entire categories like "cowboy" or "travel" that can go to some other quilter or use.

I find it easiest to make categories with a simple yes/no designation. Like my first real purge 15 or so years ago when I decided all craft things could go, I was only going to quilt. Pretty simple then to remove things like knitting needles. Is a little harder for me to determine on fabrics that can go -- but I've just committed to two themes, so I'm going to go look for them.

First step is to designate a to go box and then work at filling it. Just one theme at a time with some music on. A typical CD is about an hour -- is a good timer to set yourself to a task. A favorite sit-com at 30 minutes is another option.

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QuiltingVagabond, I would love to see your embroidery floss storage!
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First about my studio, "don't touch anything, I know right where it is." Very important (to keep people from trying to organize me), up to a point. There's 2 quilts layed out on the floor and I'm having to step on them. But, "don't touch anything, I know right where it is." Now comes self-discipline to get these finished so I can move on. Now there's a good thing in that... I couldn't get out another project until these are finished, because there's no place to put it.

But, getting to the floor is a real challange for me so I miss my design walls while we're trying to sell this house.
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Old 01-06-2022, 12:14 PM
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I had no internet yesterday and I accomplished so much! I about killed myself washing walls and ceilings in the laundry and half bath downstairs. If that wasn't enough, I also steamed all of the floors that are cleanable that way. We had a long period of time that the Caldor fires kept the outside in a smoke so thick that it looked like fog. Now I am trying to get all the inside clean from the air conditioner pulling it in. Summer heat, you know. i did have a purifier going but, that can only do so much. It has been a BIG job. We washed and painted the family, kitchen and living room. That was fun because we went much lighter on the color and updated the look with matching drapes and sheers the same color as the walls. I have vacuumed and steamed the furniture in the house, so that made it smell better. I have a long way to go still, but, I will plug along until it is done.
The new sewing desk in set up in the middle bedroom and I should get the little chest of drawers this week. I will eventually buy another larger one to hold bigger things for that room. But, for now, I will just stay the path.
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Old 01-06-2022, 12:17 PM
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Oh as a reward for myself I bought the Flea Market book by Lori Holt to use up some of my scraps in the buckets from years of hoarding scraps.
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