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by , 04-27-2014 at 05:56 PM (859 Views)
It's been so long since I spent time in the Board and I feel sort of lost with all the posts to recheck and photos to look at. Everyone's been so busy and doing lovely pieces of art.

It been a long time since I've been able to sit in my sewing cave and spend the day sipping coffee, stitching, and fabric dreaming. We remodeled the basement over the winter and all the stuff from one side of the basement was moved into my sewing cave and I was not able to even get to a corner of the area for sewing. I missed it like crazy.

And through that time I was taking a college course for work so then there was homework and extra long hours because of time away from work still had to be made up. One more week and my classroom time will be done, the final is the following week after that some doctor appointments and then I am giving myself a private quilt retreat in my quilting cave. I need it, I want it and I am so looking forward to it.

I didn't have to go all winter without sewing. There were some wonderful retreat weekends with friends. I was able to get several tops finished and backs added and they are now back from the quilter so now is the fun job of binding. But I really mind that. It's just trying to fit those king sized quilts on the tables and in the machine

Right now I need to say I am sorry if you are finding typos. My laptop crashed and I am still getting used to the touch pad on this one. Every time I bring my hands back to the keys my thumb grabs the pad and before I know it the curser is 10 lines higher on the page. Thank goodness for the Ctrl+Z. Love the quick reverse instead of backspacing and deleting and retyping.

So that's life the last 4 months and now to find where I can upload more of my project photos and get my area updated.
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