Can't sleep

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by , 08-01-2012 at 09:57 PM (927 Views)
Well it's 1.44am here in Maine and I've given up trying to sleep. I keep seeing quilt pattern possibilities in my mind and I want to go across to my studio but my DH would have a fit if he wakes up and can't find me in the house.
I'm not scared of crossing the yard in the dark - there's rarely a moose or deer and I haven't seen a raccoon for months. There is, though, a skunk living under the shed and I'd hate to bump into that in the dark when I can't see clearly and it can. It seems to me that would give it an unfair advantage.
But the real reason I don't go and start a new project is that I'd probably muck it up if I'm not as wide awake as I think I am.
I've been trying my hand at smocking a piece of orange batik to fit into my Rami Kim designed bag pattern and it's not easy. I'm sure I've gone off the line somewhere but I can't seem to find the mistake which may mean that it really doesn't matter all that much. I'll square it up and add a few beads and it will be fine.
Apart from the three projects from recent quilt show classes I have a month in which to make things for our first grandchild and so far I've managed one small floor quilt. I'm not helped by a DiL who doesn't have my taste in most things and is clearly dreading what I might foist upon her. I can do modern - I'm not such an old fossil that I can't appreciate current trends and styles - maybe I will surprise her but, if not, my DS can always Ebay things. If he does I hope he knows the value of quilts.

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