ELMER's Glue Experiment Trial #1

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Glue Experiment Trial #1

My August Block of the Month is ready to quilt into a QAYG square.
#1 - I am test using Elmer's liquid glue to baste the top and bottom squares to the batting prior to quilting.

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#2 - I didn't have one of those needle tips that help you keep you glue line consistent and thin. I tried though to spread a small even line of glue around the edges of the back of my top piece. You can see where a few spots-especially to the bottom left of the picture I put too much glue.

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#3 - Used a small damp towel to remove any excess glue. Carefully I placed my glued square centered on my batting. Then I heat set with an iron.

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#4 - Following the outline through the batting of my top square. I placed a thin line of glue to frame my front square on the backside of the batting.

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#5 - Then I centered the batting onto the piece of fabric backing. I then flipped it over smoothed gently with my hand and took it to the ironing board to heat set.

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#6 - Next I sewed on the very edge all the way around my block.

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#7 - Here is a picture of the back of my square. The fabric is stretched well but not taunt. I'm very happy with it. I have a lil extra glue sip-page here and there however; I'm positive it will wash out when it comes time to run the finished quilt through its first washing.

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#8 - I did a a little stitch in the ditch(SID) or echo quilting and then I tried my hand at meandering micro free motion quilting (FMQ) . Im happy to report Im getting better at FMQ-ing with lots of practice.

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Experiment Results - I would definitely use this method again. As it was my first approach to using this basting method I did make a few personal errors with putting on the glue. I have on order some My next basting test experiment will be using this, which I will share here on this thread. I would use Elmer's glue again in a heart beat but I am going to shop for the bottle that has the tip on it. Im heavy handed in most things so I think I definitely need the extra needle tip on the bottle to help guide my efforts. You can see a picture of this the glue tip bottle Im speaking of in Sharon Schamber's videos I and JeanieG posted links to. Again if you are new or intermediate quilters, "I highly recommend taking the time to watch her videos of this basting technique for borders." If you have not already. I give this experiment a 3 thumbs up. on a scale from 1- 5.

NOTE *** I would not recommend this technique for anyone who is not comfortable with the regular maintenance of you own machine. Because I had places where I had globs of glue because I do have a heavy hand and did not have the extra guide regulator tip for my Elmer's glue bottle. I ended up with some glue on my needle and in my feed dogs which I had to take off my feed plate to clean out. Not an issue for me, but if you are not comfortable with doing this. I don't suggest using this glue method unless you are VERY CAREFUL.

#1 - to ensure you have completely heat set and have only a thin dry glue line area you are working with and that obviously you have no globs of wet glue still in your fabric.

#2 - Again Glue needs to be absolutely dry (in my humble opinion).

#3 - Again,
ensure you have completely heat set and have only a thin dry glue line area you are working with and that obviously you have no globs of wet glue still in your fabric. {Are you tired of reading this warnig???} I can't emphasize this enough. "It's kinda of like those pharmaceutical drugs that are so wonderfully advertised to ease our pains on TV... Then they spend the next two minutes with all the heavy warnings and disclaimers. ****** SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BY JENNIKY. If you are not on intimate terms with your sewing machines internal workings BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you intend to try this method. Now that I have scared you all off of using this technique.

#4 It really is a good solution to basting if you follow all of the above.

Happy Sewing Gals! I now return you to your regular Orphan Quilt As You Go Topics...
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  1. dollycaswell's Avatar
    Good Morning Jenniky, I've used the 'Elmers School glue for raw edge applique and it works great. Yes, you have to be careful about shoving it down into your feed dogs if you get too much in an area. Also, it's best to be patient and wait for it to be completely dry before you sew....ask me how I know... ha ha
  2. Jenniky's Avatar
    Thanks Dollycaswell for sharing that. Yup Im with you there. I had to clean my machine, but it was time anyway so I was good with it. I am going to experiment using it with applique also. Thanks for sharing your comments with me.
  3. judy363905's Avatar
    The connecting thread did not work... did it have the fine line tip a available.. I am intesting in testing this method also.. would really like to find a fine tip as I would like to try it to glue bast a quilt binding,
    Thank you so much for doing this method of quilting

    Judy in Phx
  4. Kathy Osterby's Avatar
    Thanks for your warning about the glue. I will try it for applique and I usually don't sew the s
    same day as I start so it will have time to dry completely . Kathy O/MT
  5. w7sue's Avatar
    I think I watched that video recently and did wonder where she got her tips for the Elmer's Glue bottles. I tried the glue the lady at Shabby Fabrics uses and I had issues with the first bottle and the top, but the company did send me a brand new bottle and tops. I haven't tried them yet, but am really interested in finding the tips to put on the Elmer's bottles.
  6. whitetiger's Avatar
    A few weeks ago I found a web site telling how to make your own little tip for Elmers school glue bottle. You pull off the orange cap and cut it back a little with scissors. Then unscrew the end off a inexpensive plastic mechanical pencil (where the lead comes out). Got this at Walmart several in a package. Take the tip from the pencil and push it into the large end of the orange cap, a little trial and error for size to cut off, and screw orange cap back on glue bottle. This works really well for getting a fine line of glue. I put a pin in the top to keep the pencil top from clogging with dryed glue.
  7. whitetiger's Avatar
    Here's the web site that shows how to make a glue basting bottle.
  8. Sierra's Avatar
    I really missed the word "school" in your very nicely done report. Please tell me you did use ELMER'S SCHOOL GLUE!

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