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by , 09-19-2012 at 05:01 AM (1103 Views)
Lost power when the storms blew through, but up and going again. Have more pieces traced and more of them cut out and bagged. Ran out looking for freezer paper for the larger pieces and finally found some at the third grocery store I went to. WalMart didn't have any which surprised me. Also picked up more gallon baggies for my pieces. The freezer paper will be traced with the large pieces, trimmed and ironed onto the fabric. Then I cut out the pieces and add a thin line of glue around the edge before ironing down in place. Only after it is in place will I peel off the freezer paper. Trying to "window" such large pieces leads to distortion and when I tried to iron around just the outside edges then take scissors and trim away the insides, well easier said than done and so much fusible! So the wheelbarrow, market basket and various other large pieces will get the freezer paper treatment. I also like to iron a piece of freezer paper to the ironing board as protection again the errant stray fusible. Since I have to work tomorrow through Monday, I want tons of pieces fused and packaged into baggies for cutting in every spare minute I can grab! That said today will be devoted to more tracing, trimming and finally fusing to my luscious batiks. Ready, set......
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  1. Jingle's Avatar
    Our Walmart always has freezer paper. I buy it when I don't need it - therefore I always have it.

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