Sewing pieced HST's

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by , 12-26-2012 at 02:02 PM (1339 Views)
I am making a quilt with pairs of strip sets. One strip set has the seams going one way, the other has the seams going the other way. I am to place the two sets right sides together and match the seams before cutting into 6-1/2" squares. Each pair of squares is to then be cut once on the diagonal, then the two resulting pairs are to be sewn together, forming the HST's.

The interesting part is figuring out which side of the triangle to start sewing on to keep the machine from eating the fabric on the underside. I think I have figured this out.

Here are pics of the two triangles in question. In the first one, you'll see sharp points on the edge of one, and a lopped off corner on the other.
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Notice that the one with the sharp point has the seam facing down, the lopped off point is facing down. I have one of them upside down, actually. When I put them right sides together matching the colors, one of them will be in the opposite direction.

Okay, I have figured out that to keep the machine from eating the sharp point on the seam allowance, it either needs to be on the bottom facing down (toward me), or on the top facing up (away from me). If it is on the top, I use a pin to hold down the point so that it feeds under the presser foot properly.

How would you do it?
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  1. neeng's Avatar
    I always try to keep any seam allowance that's on the bottom pointed towards me, so that the feed dogs hold it in the direction I want it stitched. So if you have a seam with one allowance going each direction, the bottom one is towards you, the top one away -- because you have more control over how the top one behaves as it goes through. I will sometimes pin the top one but usually just go slowly and if necessary lift the presser foot slightly to straighten it just before it gets to the needle. An orange stick or similar "blunt pointed" item is helpful to do this too.

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