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by , 01-06-2014 at 01:14 PM (1045 Views)
It's officially a year since my retirement. And I still do not like it!! I worked at a local store for about 6 months but found it cut into things I wanted to do with my family esp. on the week-ends. I guess I wanted the best of both worlds . I still have not been sewing much but like checking out this website and buying magazines and even more fabric. I have enough to last me for some time, like most quilters, if I ever decide to get busy. On freezing cold days like today (wind chill is -26 here in central Illinois), I'm really glad I don't have to get out and go to work. Hopefully, I will come to like being home all the time and start sewing. Everyone have a great day!!
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  1. judy363905's Avatar
    Hope you are warm to day. I remember Illinois winters...we relocated to Arizona I. 1984. Hubby and I are both retired and are enjoying life, everyday is an experience. Take a few breathes and enjoy what you have and do what makes you happy..maybe you just were not ready to be retired - some of our friends are still working and are happy also.

    Judy in Phx, AZ
  2. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    sorry to hear that retirement is not what you hoped for--I retired in June and am just loving it! I am keeping busy not only with sewing, but am very active in my guild, several community organizations and church--plus trying to get a longarm business off the ground. Sounds like you are not liking being at home so much--what about volunteering, getting involved in some classes, etc that would give you some structure (which goes with work) and get you out of the house?
  3. Jingle's Avatar
    I retired for a year and really didn't like it.
    Maybe you could get a part time job.
  4. giquilt's Avatar
    I am sorry u do not like your retirement. I retired 5 mos ago and love it. I sew a little everyday. Suggestions: start by making a list of 4 projects u want to make or UFOs. #each project, put in a bag and draw one out. Sew on this project each day for 30 min for one week. Then put away. Draw a second # from the bag, sew each each day for the 2nd week., third week new #, etc. soon u will have 4 WIP, repeat next month same projects new #s drawn. This will let u know if this is something u want to continue or look for another hobby. At the end u will have 4 projects done. If u want to sew more u have permission to do so.
  5. read2me1989's Avatar
    I'm just getting a chance to read your comments and appreciate them all.
    I was definitely not ready to retire but circumstances dictated that I did. And as for volunteering--I live in a town of 2600 and there is not much opportunity to do that. I have found a very, very part time job-every other Friday-and that helps some. I have plenty I could do but need some motivation to get going. I know things will turn around, hopefully once this crazy winter is over, and then things will be better (at least that's what I told myself last summer). I'm going to try the UFO suggestion since I have several of those. Thanks! Happy sewing!!!
  6. read2me1989's Avatar
    Another update! I am going back to work at my old job. It will just be part time but I will get to connect with some of my former patrons and the ladies I worked with. I'm so excited! My husband is sure I have lost my mind but I'm banking on it being a good move for me. If not, I know I don't have to stay and have the assurance of my co-workers that they will understand. I don't have an official start date but it will be before the end of April. Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm still not sewing much but hopefully this will get me going.

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