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My Budding Quilter - Devon

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by , 03-10-2013 at 06:08 PM (1615 Views)
Wow I haven't been here since October!!

Just thought I'd bring this up to date!!

I had my youngest son's 3 boys Daymon and Devon twins 9 and Colton 2 frid to Sat eve. Devon has really gotten bit by the quilting bug!! LOL He was sewing from the time he came to the time he went home! LOL I had to make him stop on the machine to get his coat on and go with his other grandma LOL He didn't want to quit til he was done with all the seams. He made a 4 patch little pillow for Colton then a square pincushion for himself so he didn't have to use mine! LOL then he used some 5" squares and sewed 8 rows of 6 blocks per row and I added borders and backed it for him. He did about 75% of all hte sewing and insisted on learning to thread the machine when needed and the bobbin as well. He did all his own ripping when he sewed a couple of squares backwards or his seams got too wide. LOL I expected him to ask me to do it but he didn't! I was so proud of him, I did take pics of his little pillow but forgot to take pics of hte quilt cause I was still sewing the last seam as his grandma got here and she and my DH were packing up their things and putting them in her car before I realized I didn't get a pic. My DIL will take a pic of it and send it I am sure.
while I was finishing up the quilt for him he took 16 squares and made a 2 sided pillow. He would have been done and taken it home but he got one side the wrong way and I told him I would fix it and send it to him. He wasn't too happy at not being able to finish it himself! LOL He has the bug!! He kept saying what can I make now? Hmmmm LOL

My budding quilter!! Once he got the hang of my Brother he really took off with it.

I'll post a pic of Devon's quilt he made for Daymon when I get it.

Daymon was busy playing a game on the laptop.

the last pic is DH watching Devon and Colton stuff the pillow.

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  1. Lore's Avatar
    Wonderful! I'll bet you are one proud grandma!

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