Why Tri-flow?

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by , 10-26-2012 at 09:33 AM (745 Views)
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Hey everyone,

Being in Canada sometimes is like being in a third world. I am having an unreal amount of trouble finding tri-flow products.

5 out of 6 bicycle shops I've been into carry "Finish Line" products instead of tri-flow, and claim they're better.

Each time, I've told them I'm looking for tri-flow specifically and didn't know if the FL products are SM friendly.

I finally found one shop that carries the oil, 2oz bottle only, but not the grease. And at their prices, I don't think I want to use them as a regular supplier!

I called one of the industrial suppliers in Edmonton, and they said that they carry only the aerosol cans of tri-flow oil. OHHHH the mess could make with a spray can!!

When I told him what the tri-flow grease was - Synthetic grease with PTFE (teflon), he said "Oh! We have this other product called super lube. It's exactly the same thing".

Hmm... just like the bike shops are saying.

I watched a video at sewingpartsonline on how to change the feed dog gears, and he says he uses "the best grease money can buy" and pulls out a tub of walmart brand wheel bearing grease. uhm... ok.
Of course the slathering job he did of the gears with said grease, doesn't make him an authority in my mind...

So here's the question: Is Tri-flow "kleenex" now (i.e. hand me a kleenex, not hand me a tissue...) or is there something that really is different about this grease / oil?

If it really is better, I guess I'll have to smuggle a case of it back over the border then next time we go to the states.
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