Hurricane Sandy = House Destroyed Part 2

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by , 11-01-2012 at 08:59 AM (2596 Views)
You'll have to forgive me if I sound confused. I am not thinking clearly. Just
looking at everything is more than the mind can take in. We walked up to the
boardwalk two days ago. There are two main road here, Park Avenue and Broadway.
Broadway looked like something from an armageddon movie. Mountains of sand, road
caved in and ponds of water, weird foamy crap blowing. Most of the board walk is
gone as is the sand and the ocean is ... well, the fancy pants condo owners
REALLY have oceanfront property now. Cars tossed here, there and everywhere.
Chunks of house.

You look at stuff and wonder, what am I looking at? The landscape is like one of
those children's puzzle books. "Can you guess what this is?" We have posts from
an emergency lane on the beach in our front yard and piece of a local

My business is destroyed. But then again, so is most of my house. Rod has to
work and when Blaze was ill, I had to do what I could myself. We got two sofas
out tons of soak books, but I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. The
refrigerator and deep freeze tipped over and were floating. We did have oil
lamps and water and lots of canned food but I learned a lot in the process which
I will share at some other time.

There are mountains of stuff in the malls. No one is clearing it away. People
parked their cars up on the grassy malls in the middle of the street but they
were covered and are destroyed including the car we just got for Blaze. FEMA is
towing them away and there is a rumor that they will pay book value. But who
knows if that is true. Cars were going on fire all over including Blaze's friend
who stayed with us. They shorted out and burst into flame. An awful stink.

Now there is another stink. It is good to be away from it and breathing fresh

I tried to file with FEMA online but need a checking account number and ... duh
... don't have one with me.
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  1. Ladybug 1938's Avatar
    Krystyna all our prayers are with you and your family, Pull on your BIG GIRL panties and give let people know what is not happening for you... Newspapers
    TV anything like that... Email when you have the chance to NBC and the paper....
  2. read2me1989's Avatar
    First, be very thankful that you are ok. Secondly, I know it's hard but you will make it through this. I have a dear friend that lost everything (and I do mean everything) in a tornado in 1997. I was at her house during the tornado and thankfully we all came out of it with little more than scratches & bruises. I know the insurance companies were very difficult to deal with but in the end isn't the most important thing you and your family? It has changed her perspective about the important things in life and given me a whole new respect for Mother Nature. Stay strong and be safe. I am praying for those that have been affected by this terrible storm.
  3. TacoMama's Avatar
    I am so sorry for what all is happening with you. Be careful and be safe. Watch where you walk, etc. Prayers are with you and the others that are going through all of this.
  4. greenini's Avatar
    K, I can empathasize just a bit as we got caught in Hurricane Iniki on Kauai in '92, but the difference was it was not our home. We lived in a car for 5 or 6 days and found as you are finding that the Red Cross etc were not helpful. The National Guard arrived and we thought great, they are here to save us, no, they were there to protect's a weird system. Even so, I'm trying to get a donation to the Red Cross, simply because I don't know any other organization that will help....I'm so sorry that I can't reach out and give you what you need.

    If you can get out of the area and go stay with Melissa's folks that might be the best thing to do. Or other family out of the immediate area, perhaps? Try to find your checking account number and get registered, that might help to get the wheels rolling and maybe try to get in touch with your insurance company???
    Hugs, Jo
  5. sew_Tracy's Avatar
    Krystyna, thanks for blogging this...makes it feel more real to us who are not living it. Makes it personal and more urgent. What shocked me was the story about the food. I always hope that people come together in a crisis, and that was the case for the April 2011 tornadoes here. Sounds like those people you mentioned are only about what they can get. Pitiful. Thank God you are alive. I realize that sometimes that is not a lot of consolation. We may be spiritual beings, but we have a human condition and we are conditioned to want our lives back. Grief comes in many forms. Once you get over the shock, then you get the task of the building. We are here for you and I know every one of us has something to offer in the way of help. Don't hesitate to ask for support. For me, I am always good for a b*#tchfest.
  6. giquilt's Avatar
    I am praying for you.. I also have a friend that went thru the Nashville flood in 2010, lost the bottom of her home also. As soon as she gets back in town I will get some tips from her to send. I do know she got an old notebook and kept every name and contact she made because she had to refer back to them all the time. This will give you a starting point.
  7. nise's Avatar
    I am praying for you and your family, and if you need any thing I am here to help. Pm. if you can, and let me know what I can do. I will pm you and let you know what I would like to do. I will wait for your pm.
  8. starshine's Avatar
    Krystyna, have you checked with your pastor yet? I'm thinking maybe St. Vincent de Paul or Catholic Social Service could be of some help with food or shelter and maybe less red tape and lag time than the red cross.
  9. sweetwaterquilter's Avatar
    Dear, Dear Krystyna - You are the one who is always encouraging andpraying for others. My heart is hurting for you as you go through this horrible experience. I was through a similar event, though, I fear not as bad as yours is right now. Had flooded home from hurricane Opal in 1995.
    Sending prayers and hugs to you and your family, please take care and know that you are loved by many. Remember, this too will pass and all will be well.
  10. Nancy in Louisiana's Avatar
    Ah, my friend -- let yourself have a major meltdown. Yell at everything and everyone. Throw some stuff if it makes you feel better. Then take a deep breath, grab the shovel and rake, and dig in. No, it's not easy -- but there's not much you can do about what's been done. Keep up with any hand-out program you hear about and sign up (others are for sure, multiple times with multiple names). Take advantage of any govt program you can -- make it a "gimme" game and play it shamelessly.(I know from experience you should get a new fridge and freezer out of this -- everyone here did. Stuff gets a tad bit rank without power for a few days. Also had handouts of chain saws and generators. Don't recommend getting too many MRE's -- they get "old" quick, unless youre a very big fan of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee.) Reach deep inside and pull out that sick sense of humor all of us have hidden away and use it!!! OK - now you don't need to worry about putting up xmas lites, and you hated that wedding present from your in-laws, and you always wanted more plugs in the bedroom and bathroom which could have been a few feet larger anyway... The neighbors were slobs and you hated the color of their house. You felt guilty about the "brown leaf" desease on your rose bushes that you really didn't have time to take care of. Now's the time to shrug it off with a "Oh, well ... **** happens!" You move on. Serenity prayer sounds good about now. Whether you want it or not you are about to experience an in-depth study of human character. You will be left shaking your head in wonder. You will be surprised, amazed, and disgusted. Hard to believe now, but good will come out of all this. God has a purpose (and I don't mean bringing back Al Gore's global warming threats). Your community will come back stronger than ever -- in spirit, unity, and the latest in construction methods. If you ever get a chance, check out Cameron, Louisiana on google -- they rebuilt the whole town from bottom up after Rita -- and that wasn't the first time. You take one day at a time, celebrate the small victories (even though I think I'd rather poop in a bucket than a community port-o-let). Take pix for insurance and a measuring stick of progress. And just think of the stories you can tell your grandchildren. Most of all, take care of yourself. All this is just a speed bump in your life -- albeit a BIG bump -- but you'll get over it ok. Faith, love, and support will get you over it just fine. Yu have all three in abundance.
  11. wanda lou's Avatar
    keeping your family in my prayers.
  12. joym's Avatar
    I cannot imagine....I just cannot imagine. I saw somewhere you had a business. Are you in need of fabric???


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