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by , 11-04-2012 at 03:48 PM (1259 Views)
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I'm so frustrated I'm quilting a quilt and for the first half of the quilt everything went fine. Put a new spool of thread on for the top and now the thread breaks after one or two stitches. I have tried everything I can think of. I have loosened the tension, checked the bobbin, cleaned lint. The thread comes off the tension knob really tight even when I loosen it.
Any ideas? It is interesting that nearly all of the problems with long arm machines are Tin Lizzie. I hope to finish this quilt and them will probably sell.

Maybe Tin Lizzie needs a tech to stay on this forum to help the owners of the Tin Lizzie. When it works it great but it doesn't work very often. Fro the cost it should work all the time!
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  1. lizzy's Avatar
    I do not have a longarm quilter but the same problem was happening on my Bernina. My daughter told me to use a cone to hold my thread so that it would come off easier and eversince then, I use a cone or a mug to hold my thread on any machine I use. It was a lifesaver.
  2. Kaysirah's Avatar
    I have a Tin Lizzie 18 and have found that King Tut thread works the best and doesn't break as often. Also have you changed your needle recently. When you change the needle it is easy to not get the new needle completely straight and in the middle of the channel. When I paid more attention to this, my thread breaking stopped. Make sure that you have threaded the upper thread correctly too. Sometimes I have noticed that I mixed up two steps and that sure doesn't help. Good luck!

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