Sewing machine case repair

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Over the years we have acquired several sewing machines with broken and damaged cases. One was found on the curb just discarded, some came from GW auctions already broken and they somehow didnít receive any additional damage, and some looked good and came to me in lots of pieces.
My Domestic and SEWMOR are two of those:

I also have my mothers HOTHER with itís almost totally ruined water damaged case.

Several weeks ago in a thread about a machine sheíd bought Caroline mentioned she had a sewing machine case she was going to throw away. I mentioned that if she was going to do that, throw it in my direction. I honestly didnít think she would, but she did.
The case bottom was badly water damaged and the bottom panel was missing.

What do you do with cases like these? Most people who have mentioned having bad cases throw them away. I do not.
Here in central IL the cheapest old style wooden sewing machine case is $20.00 and up.

Instead of throwing them away, I repair them. Itís a lot of work, but in the long run, itís cheaper and more rewarding.

So, read on for an account of how I repaired the case Caroline sent me.
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  1. qltgrose's Avatar
    Cant wait to see the "after" photos! What a challenge!

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