Two colors - two 4-patches

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I came up with a way to make two 4-patches with two squares of fabric. It's similar to the method used in the Missouri Star Quilt Co's video, but I used two different fabrics which result in two similar 4-patch blocks.

Determine the size of finished block you want, then add 1/2" to allow for the 1/4" seams. In my case, I used 4-1/2" blocks that resulted in two 4" 4-patches.

First step: Select two contrasting fabrics, place right sides together, then sew a 1/4" seam on 2 sides across from each other. Then cut in half between the two seams. (See pic below).

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Step 2: Set seams, then press seams to dark side:

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Step 3: Place squares right sides together, with dark on top of light and vice versa (see pic):

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Step 4: Lock seams, then sew on two sides ACROSS the seams in the pieces you just made:

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Step 5: Cut in half across the horizontal seam:

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Step 6: Set seams, and press both open, resulting in this:

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And your done!

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