Alaskasunshine's fabric folding( organizing your quilt room)

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by , 01-05-2013 at 07:43 AM (1270 Views)
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1. Size of boards
2. laying fabric
3. folding fabric (have your fabric neat not wrinkled!) Have fold near you and selvedges away from you. Bring selvedges to the fold and firmly hand press to keep neat. The remainder of the fabric will be in a chait that is cloth so it doesn't slide around and off the chair. This is important! It took me a bit to realize I needed the fabric on a cloth chair. It works well and keeps the weight evenly distributed for ease of folding. LOTS of pictures to come! Pictures are 1-24

size of boards
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first step
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folding fabric
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  1. ntransue's Avatar
    Thank you. I just got some cardboard boxes so I'm cutting them up and using your method. I'm a happy camper now so maybe when I get this done I will be able to get in my sewing room and see what I actually have. Happy quilting, nanc

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