Sewing on "Snow Days"!!

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by , 02-21-2013 at 03:51 PM (1390 Views)
Living in Kansas and we got hammered with "thunder snow" this morning--think about 10-12" total--hard to tell because it blew really hard--and have a drift near the truck that is at least 4' high! Trudged out to feed horses and totally exhausted when I came in!

BUT it meant schools were closed so no work for me today OR tomorrow--finishing a string QAYG for a baby shower for next weekend and then back to a birthday quilt for DIL--loving this!
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  1. Sewsillypj's Avatar
    I live in Topeka, KS and the thunder snow was something I don't think I have ever heard before. The snow is beautiful but so much to shovel! It made for a fun day yesterday of cleaning the studio, making a small sample "stitch" quilt, and some sewing. Today will be even more fun because it will be ALL sewing!
  2. Minick's Avatar
    I'm in Abilene and sewed on my quilt last week. Its BOM from last year and I finally got it together. Now I need to add the borders. More snow today.

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