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by , 02-11-2013 at 07:24 AM (684 Views)
I'm on my 2nd quilt. This one I'm doing on a diagonal. Not sure how to start/do the sashing. Ie - sew the strips with the corner blocks, do diagonal rows, and then come back and add in the other direction? Any advice helps.
I'm attaching a pic of my Ipad quilting app where I designed it. These are my fabrics.
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  1. buckingtrout's Avatar
    No, don't do as you wrote about sashing. Think of it as doing the center block and a border strip on each side (with no borders on top or bottom)... The actual sewn sashing strip will be longer... actually the lenght of the black strip (same size as block) and a small insertion square same size as the border strips (like 2x2 or 3x3). When you go to sew on the sashing you will match the yellow squares to the border of the square above it.

    The setting triangles on the top and sides are added last. From upper left corner you would have one finished block and a sashing strip... then 3 finished blocks and a sashing strip. Matching the yellow cornerstone squares on each strip to the black strip of the block above. Personally I would make second row and add the sashing strip to the top and the bottom of the second row of 3 blocks - and from there just add the bottom sashing strip to each successive diagonal row of blocks.

    If this is truely only the second quilt you've ever made those setting triangles are going to be a real challenge. For a new beginner to quilting (but with quite a bit of wasted fabric) I would say make a complete block square and after you are finished with the quilt top cut the excess to square out the top & bottom. You can't just cut a block in half and insert it... because you don't have the seam allowance built into the original block to do this.

    A very basic tutorial on setting blocks on point (with a chart of measurements) can be found on- http://quiltbug.com/articles/on-point.htm

    Good luck on your next quilt... will love to see it when finished
  2. lmoore218's Avatar
    Thank you so much ! This really helps. I was wondering about the half blocks being the right size. May have bit off more than I can chew. I'll have to have patience AND my seam ripper. Haha. Thanks again. Appreciate you taking the time.

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