Cat Pattern Project

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by , 06-27-2013 at 05:27 PM (1164 Views)
I had seen a pretty neat pattern on the internet with a cat body that used a New York Beauty. Being that I am currently economically challenged, buying the pattern was out of the question so I decided to try and work it out for myself with a few modifications.

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Here it is drawn out and with added 1/4-inch seam allowances. You will see soon some of the math mistakes I made.
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Close ups of some of the design.

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Here he is minus his tail. I need to redo his ears as I didn't leave a seam allowance and at the bottom, I messed up with seam allowances.

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Here's my mess
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You can see I need to make adjustments here, but he's kinda neat.
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  1. wordpaintervs's Avatar
    Tracy, that is going to be awesome. You are quite designer to figure that all out and duplicate it. good for you
  2. sew_Tracy's Avatar
    I got it done. Had to finish using an old machine with lots of tension issues.
  3. Sandi's Avatar
    Tracy I'm Impressed. I think this is a great pattern! I would love to make this myself. . as I am a cat lover but what a great design. Kudos to you!

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