Finished my diamond log cabin star quilt - another learning experience!

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by , 11-24-2014 at 07:10 AM (1274 Views)
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Hi Dunster,

I couldn't agree more with every single post in this thread. This quilt is absolutely spectacular!

Now for my questions!

Did it really just take you one month to make this quilt?

When you say your diamonds are 2.25 in length, I'm not sure what you mean. The diamonds in the center are 2.25 in rectangular length and then the 60 angle is cut? What is the width of the strip that you cut the diamonds from? Does it include .25 seam allowance?

What is the finished size of the block, length times width?

While all the blocks are the same size, their orientation seems different. Some seem elongated while others seem wide in fabric placement. Is that dependant upon the width of the strips you start with?

I found this quilt online and was wondering if it was your inspiration. The great thing here is that you can see 8 different pictures of the block and size of strips too.

Lastly, many are calling for you to do a tutorial. I'm in on that one!! May I suggest if you are willing, that you do it in a series of posts, rather than one long post. That might make it easier for you, and it would be great for it to have it's own thread. Please, please, pretty please???

I would absolutely love to make this quilt in patriotic colors for my son who is soon to be promoted to Major in the Air Force. I would be just as proud to give his such a special quilt, as I am of his accomplishments.

Let me see if I can answer those questions.

Yes, it took about a month, more or less. I started looking for the pattern on 8/23, and started sewing without one about 8/27. I finished on 10/5, but there was a week while I was waiting for more fabric to arrive, and I spent another 3 days away from home, more time wasted getting the rods for the John Flynn frame and putting it together. I'm getting a lot more credit than I deserve, because it really is NOT a complicated job of sewing. (But that's okay - I love the compliments.)

I cut the diamonds from a strip that was 2.75" in width. So the diamond's finished height is 2.25". After the log cabin strips are added, the finished height of the diamond log cabin block is 10.75, and its sides are 12.4. If they don't come out precisely to that, it doesn't matter, as long as all the blocks are the same size and the angles are correct.

All of the blocks are the same, but in the second round the fabric placement is different. And in the last round I used all lights. The Amish design uses a solid there, and the book version (described below) has amazing dark purple stripes that appear to radiate out from the center.

The link you gave is one of the Amish sites I visited. I also found a book, The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, with a quilt titled Chrysalis: Log Cabin Variation III by Maria McCormick-Snyder, made in 1979. I wish I could show her quilt here, but that would violate the copyright. It's a diamond log cabin star made with silk, cotton, and rayon in blue, green, and purple. She has the lights and darks reversed so there's a beautiful blue, green, and purple star in the center.

I will try to do a tutorial of sorts, but I assure you that the sewing is easy, and all the information is already here in this thread.
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  1. JeanLowe's Avatar
    Dunster, where can we get your pattern?

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