The best dog video ever !!

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by , 02-25-2013 at 02:54 PM (1520 Views)
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I've seen many dog dancing videos - all of them good but wait til you see two dogs dancing (more toward the end)

Check out Glenn Miller Routine - Hooked on Swing

The love of these dogs for their master is incredible, if you donít happen to like dogs, youíll love the music. Trust me!
This was done at the Crufts Dog Show last October.
It is great - watch all the way to the end
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  1. DEPP's Avatar
    That was soooo cute! I have an australian shepherd and look so much like that! enjoyed. thank you. D
  2. marthahelen's Avatar
    Really fun to watch, thanks for sharing. Marti
  3. Fortyniner's Avatar
    That really put a smile on my face. Glad you passed it along.

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