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Diamonds like an accordian?

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by , 07-01-2013 at 12:44 PM (2898 Views)
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I was searching Pinterest looking for ideas on another scrap quilt, I have just finished the Labyrinth Walk and wanted something mindless.

I found this quilt called Picket Fence by Elsie Campbell, she also has a book with that quilt in it. These are 60 degree diamonds. Well, I had just pulled out a ton of undesirable fabric out of my pin and have this huge bag of it, ready to donate.

I figured I would just use these to experiment instead of cutting my good fabric. I am sure I didn't have a lot of strips in my more desirable bin lol.

I started piling them up and tearing some more. I just tore anything into any size. Later I decided, after making a few blocks, that I would tear up to 2 inches and no more and anything below 2 inches could work.

When I looked at the quilt on the web, I noticed that the top dark Diamonds had the strips going straight across the diamond, I did some of those and didn't like the look, so I let the strips go with the flow of the diamond. The lighter diamonds had the strips going up and down and that was fine.

I now realize that the top dark diamond, needs to have the last strip much darker and the pair of light diamonds, need to have the strip on the right diamond, just a pinch darker to give a 3-d effect but so far it looks ok. Later on I will switch the first blocks around and mix them into the rest of the quilt like on the sides and bottom.

This is the reason I was using the undesirable fabric. I need the check it out. Now that I see it, I kinda like it lol.

Here are all the undesirables, light and dark and the blocks so far.
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  1. knotNnew's Avatar
    all those would make a great jelly roll quilt.
  2. June K's Avatar
    I have as good tip for you! All those strips could be organized if you use the wooden type folding drying rack, which has several rows of rods where strips can be hung. When finished with the project it will neatly fold up and can be stored in a small space. I keep mine next to the sewing machine when I work on a project using strips. Easy to pull off the needed strip as you sew.
  3. needles3thread's Avatar
    June K, That is a fantastic idea - using the folding drying rack......specially being able to fold & store it.

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