How you make a quilt with this fabric??? for a motorhome.

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by , 06-01-2013 at 01:07 PM (1870 Views)
I'd like to make a quilt for our bed in our trailer we go camping in all the time. The colors in the trailer are light brown dark red and gold. Sort of busy fabric, needs to be calm. How would you make the quilt??
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  1. Kcmomto2's Avatar
    That fabric is awesome! What kind of quilt blocks do you like? You could make a star block with squares of this in the center - or another block pattern that allows for a larger chunk of this focus fabric in it, then with or w/o sashing and a border in more solid colors or tiny print.
  2. debbiemarie's Avatar
    How big of a chunk as a focus fabric, I am pretty new to quilting, I have trouble visualizing things. I really want this fabric to turn out awesome, I don't want to make any mistakes with it. I don't think I want sashing, do you have any pictures of your ideas? Thanks for helping.
  3. debbiemarie's Avatar
  4. debbiemarie's Avatar
    would this work?
  5. debbiemarie's Avatar
    I really love this quilt, but the fabric in the motor home is red, dark green and tan pretty busy. These colors would conflict too much. Thanks for your help.

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