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by , 07-08-2013 at 05:57 AM (1586 Views)
Work on the dye cottage is coming along, Wed. I painted the inside, there is still a couple of places that needs sheet rock, but could not wait to get it painted. Then Thur. and Friday I installed the flooring. The walls are painted, "cotton fluff" (what else? LOL) and every thing else is white. The flooring is a white marble look "Alure" water proof, easy to clean. It sure was nice to have air in there when it was so hot out, it got down right chilly inside, but I was working so it was very nice. Now for counters and cupboards, sink will be at the end of back wall with counters and cupboards all along that wall. one small cupboard in front of the two little windows, to hold fabric paints and Cd's and little CD player. Got to have my music. :-)

I think I will have natural wood trim on windows and base board to set it off and have a bit of subtle contrast.

Now my biggest problem which I could really use some help on: a name, for cottage studio, and or name for my hand dyed fabrics.

I may get a barn shed to have my finished quilts and dyed fabrics for sale, my 'shop', but have no idea what to call it, they say a catchy name easy to remember. and that says what you have for sale. Not easy for me to come up with an idea for that. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Today will redo my FW case, it looks a bit shabby, and I have the new latches and need to get it done, so will get out my sander and get busy.

Happy stitching all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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  1. clsurz's Avatar
    Looking good girl!
  2. leaha's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by clsurz
    Looking good girl!
    thanks Carol, it's been a lot of work but really coming together and I look forward to spending many hours out in my play house, LOL
  3. julie64's Avatar
    What about "Cottage To Dye For"
  4. leaha's Avatar
    OK will put it on the list, thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by julie64
    What about "Cottage To Dye For"

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