Hoping someone can advise me on cooling down the attic.

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by , 09-12-2013 at 02:27 AM (1304 Views)
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I know we have quilters from all over the world here and I'm sure there are plenty of quilters living in high temps during the summer so hopefully I can get some advice. Our summers here in the bay area are fairly mild with an ocassional heat wave. The problem is that even a mild day of 85 degrees is too much for me. We will not get central A/C because we feel we would run up a steep utility bill. Instead we have a couple of window a/c units in the bedrooms.

We know that we need more ventilation in the attic because that's where most of the heat is stored but I'm not sure if a solar attic fan will do any better than a turbine ventilator. We have two turbine ventilators but I'm wondering if adding two or three more would help. The solar attic fans are pretty pricey and I haven't heard first hand how they work.

Would love to hear from anyone who has either one and if they work well for you. Thanks so much.
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  1. lizzie12's Avatar
    The only thing is fans really don't work during the day in the attic because it is too hot up there. They work more when it gets cooler outside. Maybe you could go to home depot and ask someone there what you can do.
  2. ntransue's Avatar
    Get a large pan of water and put ice in it and have the fan blow of it and that seems to help me when I want more that just using the fan.

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