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I think My cat is quilting

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by , 04-03-2012 at 08:07 AM (710 Views)
Well I had to ban my dear cat from the sewing room. He used to sit by my side whenever I went to the sewing room and then things started to disappear. First it was some thread then it was scraps and then last week he stole my seam ripper and my rotary cutter it took me a long time to locate my things. I finally found some of the Items under the bed and in baskets . I am convinced he is making his own projects. Now he sits outside the door and cries and scratches to get in. Do you think maybe he needs one of my patterns so he can finish his project?
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  1. read2me1989's Avatar
    My cats like to play with my bobbins. I am forever finding them everywhere. I have a case with a lid to put the bobbins in but I guess it's too much trouble for me to actually close it. And yes, I think your cat may need a pattern. The only thing is, I would feel really bad if his project came out better than mine.
  2. ajapplebee's Avatar
    My cat took pieces of the quilt I was making my niece and hid them. I found some under the stairs, but never found the other pieces. I ended up having to re cut them out. Now he brings me measuring tapes, fabric and other assorted items from my craft room. I'm really glad to hear there are other cats out there just as fixated
  3. JBecker's Avatar
    I've been told that cat's like to hear the sewing machine motor because it sounds like their mother's heart. Mine is the same way, she just loves to be with me when I quilt or sew.

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