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how to work a ruffler

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by , 06-06-2011 at 04:46 PM (493 Views)
mpeters1200 wrote:
I wasn't paying any attention the first time someone posted a link to the attachment website.

I have a ruffler attachment for my 66, but no idea how it works. I never figured I'd use it since you normally don't encourage quilts to be ruffled....I came across a tank top pattern I really want to try to make, and it needs ruffles!

I bookmarked it and saved it to my hard I'm trying to figure out if I can understand how it's written. I don't think I have the 1, 6, 12 thing, I think it's the other one. Now to get it out and play with it!

The 1, 6, 12 is the number of stitches before the ruffler activates the next time...on 1 it will pleat on 'every' stitch, on 6 it will be every 6th stitch and on 12 it will be every 12th stitch.

The spacing between these pleats is adjusted by stitch length and the depth of the pleats is adjusted on the attachment by the ruffle depth adjustment screw.

I've attached a .pdf that I saved sometime ago, saves re-writing the whole thing...LOL If you still have questions don't be afraid to yell because these rufflers are a bit tricky until you get used to them.

I used to sew for an interior decorating store some years ago, the lady was into frills in a big way and had them on everything...she only handed over the sewing job to me because she got fed up with gathering by drawing up the thread (by hand). What she didn't know was that I had a ruffler and could do it in quick time.

One tip...set your overlocker (serger) to do a rolled hem, do this edge first, then do the ruffling/attaching later, which can be done in one pass. It's much easier this way and the rolled hem gives a very professional look.

Have fun practising!

Ruffler Attachment instructions (Download)
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