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Help - where did this come from?

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by , 10-09-2012 at 04:47 PM (523 Views)
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I am wondering if the rust may be caused, by the high humidities that we had this past summer. While working on a quilt,
you may want to spread it out, when you put it away in the evenings to work on it the next day. I know that here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, things, this past summer, often felt damp, even with the a/c on. Maybe fresh circulating air is the answer. I am so sorry that you have this problem and am hoping that you can restore it.
Thank you Dakota Girl, Yes, I never thought about the humidity - it was high this summer and I think that is what happened. there are about 70 differend small spots of rust where some of the pins were. Hopefully with all these suggestions, I can get them out... lesson to me - use brass pins and lay out the quilt when not working on it. have a good day and again thanks to all...
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