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Day 2 in the new QB Blogland...

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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:28 AM (920 Views)
Wed 11/2/11

I found some of my friends Blogs, formerly PDA's. I'm going to try to find all of them by the end of today. 19 hours before today is over. Think that's enough time in this weird new QB Land.

Have any of you found mine? Comments & hello's welcome. If I got my settings right I think you should be able to leave comments. If not? Well...there's always PM's. If you can find them & get them to work. I only had to delete about a trazillion old PM's to get down to 450 so my PM's would work. So until I have time to sort thru the remaining 450, only 50 more PM's please.

And if PM's don't work...those that know me can always resort to good old email.

Have a great day!
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  1. BeeNana's Avatar
    You have a good day. New fencing, stalls and feed sack..............LOL
  2. Scrap Happy's Avatar
    Hi QC, hope you get this. It's my 1st post in new QB land. I didn't remember to leave a trail of breadcrumbs along the way here. Hope I can find my way back. Have a fantastic day. (((((HUGS)))))
  3. QuiltnCowgirl's Avatar
    BeeNana! I am so glad that you found me (((hugs))). New fencing, stalls and feed sack...hmmm all I need now is a new horse to use them!
  4. QuiltnCowgirl's Avatar
    Hi Scrap Happy I'm so glad you found your way here. I tried to find your blog, but it looks like you don't have one? So then I tried to PM you but your PM box is full
    Breadcrumbs are good...we must remember to use them though! lol
  5. LAB55's Avatar
    I found you too !!

    I bought 2 persimmons today at the market !!! $1.28 each !

    Will check later

    ((((( Hugs ))))
  6. Quilter7x's Avatar
    Hi QCG, glad I found you here!

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