My weekend project! (ironing station)

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by , 11-20-2011 at 04:27 PM (3507 Views)
I have been using a small ironing pad/cutting board on the other side all my ironing projects ever since I moved into my sewing room awhile back. Name:  old ironing table.jpg
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Size:  295.1 KB I have been looking at some of the ironing stations y'all have created and posted on the board.

Well Saturday morning I hit the thrift stores with something in mind like a microwave stand. I have a small sewing room. I found something I thought would work at the first stop but I would have to raise it to be taller, so I left. Went to two more stores, found a couple of nice sweaters but not much else. Then I had one more store to stop at and I found it there! A small 7 drawer desk. Just perfect! An a perfect price of only $10! Here is a picture of it with Momma Tess.
She is our bestest kitty-dog. She thinks she is a dog as she does everything the dogs do! AND she keeps them in line!
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I can't leave anything as is, so I immediately cleaned it up and then began to change the appearance using just what I had at home. The paint from my pegboard project, blue painters tape, glue stick and fabric. I started by taking the old hardware off and then ruffed up the drawer fronts. Then took painters tape and marked off a design in random designs.
Name:  drawers painted.jpg
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Next I remove the tape and used my trusty Elmers glue stick to attached fabric where the tape was. I really wanted ribbon but was determined to use what I had.
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I used white braided drawstring for handles.

Then for the top of the desk where my ironing surface was going to be. I first put down aluminum foil to keep moisture off the desk top. Then I took pieces of batting and sewing together to make the first layer. Then a full piece of batting for the second layer. Then I only had a 18x28 piece of insulbrite so I added batting to the ends of that for the top surface. The center will be most of the ironing will be done.

Name:  insulbrite.jpg
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Then for the ironing surface, I used the reverse side of a piece of Robert Kaufman upholstery fabric that is soil and stain resistance. Someone gave to me for free! Although you can see the print somewhat it is mostly a tan shade that won't show up much.
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Before I put it on, I sewing a one inch grid in the center. The grid is not perfect, just like me! But will do just fine for a guidance when needed.
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I pulled the top down tight and smooth and then attached to the desk with my trusty staple gun! Everything came together just as planned!
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Yea I know you may not like it but everyone is an individual.
I have decided that my scraps will go in the drawers. I accidently labeled the drawer with the paint designs. The top two on both sides, will be for wide strips, the second on the left, narrow strips.The bottom left, triangle pieces. The middle on the right, small 2 / 3" squares, the bottom right, larger 5" squares. The middle top drawer miscellaneous what nots!

My October Doll Quilt made by Nancia, actually matches my my pegboard and my new ironing station and she didn't know that I don't think, cause I didn't realize it until now!

Name:  Oct doll quilt matches.jpg
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Happy Quilting!


  1. grandma7's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVE it! It is WONDERFUL! You did in awesome job!
  2. dublb's Avatar
    Great way to get an ironing station & make it personally yours!! Ingenious!!
  3. cindy anne's Avatar
    You are so creative. A wonderful idea.
  4. quiltingranny's Avatar
    What a wonderful idea. You are very creative. GREAT JOB!
  5. MaryAnnMc's Avatar
    That is very clever! Love how you now have a place for your scraps, separated. Now you have me thinking...
  6. joyce888's Avatar
    Wonderful idea! Now I'm looking around my sewing room and seeing what I could change or combine for multiple function.
  7. Kim Bohannon's Avatar
    that is soo cool! I just love it!
  8. annthreecats's Avatar
    That is one classy looking ironing station. Love your paint job and the padding work you did. Thanks for showing us how to make it.
  9. Judith1005's Avatar
    I love all the re-purposing you did. It's great.
  10. onestitchatatime's Avatar
    You did a great job. I also have a small sewing area. its the guest bedroom. Good thing only my grandkids stay over night lol

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