refinishing sewing machine cabinets

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I want to show you what can be done with a little stain and shellac. Aniline dye (alcohol soluble) You can order this from Rockler or any good woodworker cat. You can also order the water soluble anilind dye I mentioned in the refinishing a cabinet above. I usually order the brown walnut for the oak and the walnut cabints. Mix the dye with denatured alcohol as stated in the instructions on the dye. Pour a cup in a container and add two or three table spoons orange shellac to the stain and stir well. Clean the bad area with turps and wipe lightly with a rag with little alcohol. Just swipe the area lightly. Use a mall brush an paint the mixture on the bad spot thinly. Do this several times until it matches the surrounding area. Rub down the brush strokes if any with 0000steel wool and wax to blend.

Finish worn from sewing (before)
Attachment 127891

Stain applied to worn area
Attachment 127892

After buffing with wax and steel wool
Attachment 127893
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