2012-2013 Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Party Pictures and Discussion

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This post marks the official start of the Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Block party. I never guessed when I decided to start an ‘interest’ thread back on October 23 of last year, that there would be so many wonderful quilters as excited about going on a ‘Dear Jane” journey as I.

The reason for the new location is so that information will be easier to find. Over the past 12 weeks our numbers have grown to 115 members who have contributed 873 posts. My post/page preferences are set to 20/page and I have over 44 pages!!

I have taken some time to gather many [hopefully all] of the wonderful websites and pointers members have shared into this first post. The schedule will be attached to this post and also will be added as an inline text by one of the site moderators and fellow “Janiac” QuiltnNan. I have also asked ‘fromZstore’ if she could re-post her first blocks for all of us to see. Rose Marie, Feathers N Fur, and pjnesler have some great blocks as well [please don’t feel left out – I know more of you have already posted and will post again – we all love to see what you have so far…. I’m done but need to find the computer link to camera card…

***Several members have agreed it would be useful to “meet” on a weekly basis to talk about our blocks for the week. I will be in the chatroom every Tuesday morning 7:30-8:30 am Pacific time. If that time doesn’t work out and there is a problem – let us know by posting on the board. If I can’t meet – I’m sure there will be another member willing to help. Lets see 100+ new Dear Janes by the end of 2013!!!

Requirements: To join you must have access to a Dear Jane book or the DJ software. I have both. With the book, you can use a ruler to determine what size to cut various pieces of your blocks very easily for the easy blocks, or you can copy the pattern onto freezer paper. With the software, you can print out any block pattern you like, adjust the sizes of your block, or pick and choose which blocks to make and arrange them whatever way you like.

Printing with software – in order to avoid wasting so much paper when you print your patterns using software you need to “move” the pieces to one side before printing. Turn your paper around and print the next block at the other end of the paper.

..from NDQuilts…”If you are prining just the block outlines the yes you can fit two blocks on a page. I adjust the top margin as narrow as my printer will allow and print block 1, then rotate the paper to print block 2. If I remember you cannot print any text in the header. When doing tris the tri can be nudged via the margins so a right and left tri will fit on one page. I am handpiecing so I print the blocks outlines on freezer paper, (not the provided templates) cut apart with scissors and adhere with the iron. When I cut apart the fabric I add seam allowance. Please see Linda Franz for great instructions on the process.”

A formula for changing sizes.. to figure triangle size when you change size of blocks - a little math required... determine % increase example: 4.5=100% if you want to make 6” blocks… [6.0 x 100]/4.5 = 600/4.5 =133% …the easiest thing to do is to make a copy of the actual size triangle and set the copier to 'enlarge' size to 133%. The size of the triangle will change from 5x8 to 6 2/3 x 10 2/3

Other Pointers:
QAYG [Quilt as you go] tutorial by Lacelady can be found in: [Dear] Jane Stickle Cyber Block Party - Jan 2010 Thru…. Post #3202 – this will be on p.161 if your preferences are set at 20/page

There are many locations that have pictures of variations of Dear Janes. Be sure to visit: - here you will find DJ done in Kaffe Fasset fabrics. I visit it often to drool over the quilting!

Be sure to visit the main Dear Jane site, set up by Brenda Papadakis herself here: . She has links to many other Janiac sites as well as pointers.

Another site just posted by katybob last week can be found here: . She shares her method of QAYG, making her DJ in nine sections. Have to say I’m tempted to adjust my own layout to include a medallion. Love the setting [although I would still include those triangles]!

One of the best “help sites” to visit is . If you scroll down the page you will find a chart that links you to tutorials for every block in the DJ quilt.

DottyD told us that you can use the design wall created by Sharon Mastbrook. It can be found at Please observe copyright regulations by crediting Sharon if you use her design wall.

Undoubtedly – I have forgotten something, but it will all pull together soon. Hope to “see” many of you online at 7:30 am Tuesday morning PACIFIC TIME.
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