Borders are not treating me well today...

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by , 11-23-2011 at 06:23 PM (633 Views)
I'm working on my borders for the scrappy quilt I've been working on. There are three borders. I needed 2/3 yd. for the innermost border, and I had a piece of light green fabric that was 25". Yay! Then, I needed 13" of light purple fabric for the second border. I had 14.5" of another piece. I later found out that it wasn't full WOF, but 37". Lucky I had that extra 1 1/2". (That's the width of the border.) Yay, again! Then, I bought 2 yds. of a dark purple batik with lavender flowers that I loved for the last border.
I put it all together, and I didn't like the green border. It made the purple in the center vanish. So, I ripped it out and replaced it with some of the dark purple batik. I put it all back together. It looked better, but there was too much purple. Now, I'm going to rip out the middle light purple border and replace it with the light green. Man, this seems like too much work!
For something that was supposed to work out perfect from the start, it sure is a lot of back and forth. Eventually it will work out. I can't wait until it does! I'll post pictures when I get these figured out. Blah!
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