A New Year - A New Dear Jane Project

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by , 01-05-2012 at 01:02 PM (1000 Views)
I can't come up with any more reasons to put it off. Who cares that I have 15 UFOs (17 now that I have cleaned and organized the stash)? I am the only one that is counting!I have taken the leap with the 2012 board group and started my Dear Jane - Chocolate Cherry Cream Pie (trialing the name). Can you guess what colors I am using? You got it: civil war pinks, chocolates and creams.The group officially starts on the 15th but I started early...just to see if I could do it. Yes I can!!! The first 3 are finished so off to planning the next 3.I am obsesive when it comes to matching points and having straight lines but I am allowing myself to relax a bit and learn as I go with this project...big step for me. Therefore, the blocks are not perfect but guess what? They are finished!! A6 - English Paper Pieced (EPP) - Ugh - my threads are showing. Must find new, strong thread.A8 - EPP - Dang those triangles aren't perfect! Next time I will take a stitch through all 3 pieces that meet there to get them lined up better.B4 - Foundation Pieced (FP). Maybe a less busy cream fabric next time.Not taking them apart or redoing...repeat. I think I can. I think I can!Happy quilting!
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Dear Jane - Chocolate Cherry Cream Pie?


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