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Whoo hoo! 24 hours below zero!

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by , 01-20-2012 at 05:40 PM (696 Views)
This is why we live here -- the cold kills almost all of the bugs!

Had a great road trip today with two other quilters. We went to Eau Claire to visit Mill Ends. I found the notions I'd been looking for and a little bit of fabric, but I was outclassed by many times by my friends! They spent lots more than I did -- makes me feel thrifty by comparison. We had a good time, just talking and riding and getting to know each other better.

Just sittin' with my hubby tonight, watching the Glee Concert movie. Maybe there should be a quilter's club of those who love Glee!

Hope everyone is staying warm...
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  1. Rosewood9's Avatar
    sounds like a great day!

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