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Rag Quilt seams not ragging

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by , 01-21-2012 at 07:40 AM (1339 Views)
I have finished my quilts and washed and dried them. 2 of them ragged beautifully, but the other 3 did not. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to get them to rag. They are all flannel. I remember a recent post about someone who had the same problem, but can not find it.
Thanks, Judy
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  1. Irishapples's Avatar
    I have found that sometimes I did not snip close enough together, or that I needed to wash them a few times to get them to rag nicely.
  2. gretchen e's Avatar
    Did you back it with flannel or jean fabric? Was the fabric pre-washed? I am ready for the same adventure! Just learning through osmosis.
  3. sweetwaterquilter's Avatar
    I have made a lot of rag quilts and have never had that problem. I never prewash the flannel. I suspect prewashing would affect the ragging. I have always used flannel on the back as well although I have seen some with home spuns that rag nicely. I might try clipping closer together or washing another time or two. Good luck. Hope something works for you
  4. mariolkapolka's Avatar
    when I make mine with falnnel I do not prewash - ever - it will not rag. Raging also depends on on how wide your seam is - the wider the seam less ragging will occur. I try to keep mine 1/2 inch for flannel and regular cotton fabrics and bit wider for homespoons. and 1/4 between cuts. Wider seam or more spaced cuts will live you with the fringe that will never rag.
    I use almost any fabric and found that blends do not rag as well - more fringy.
    As sweetwaterquilter mentioned do no prewash fabrics - flannel or not - it tends to remove fibers and you will never get the effect you want to achieve.

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