Long time, no see or sleep...

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by , 02-12-2012 at 06:32 AM (783 Views)
It has been awhile since I have been online here to post.. I am so sorry for those that have wondered about Ollieman.. You are ALL angels for sending PM messages asking how he is doing..

I've not been able to get over completely this bout of pneumonia, so its been difficult to find energy or strength to sit, and write without coughing, and trying to catch my breath. Sadly, the breath is not being my friend, so its been quite diffficult to say the least..

But, I am doing better, just not better enough for my liking..
Just wanted to say that Ollie came by last night to say hi .. It was on their way home from some event, and he was in a sleepy mode, as the yawn photo I will attach, shows.. He was doing lots of sleepy smiles, and started fussing when mema had to give him back to daddy.. But we managed about 25 minutes of rocking, and talking to our little guy, and learning what he is doing now days, as its been a while since I could see him.. He is now beginning to " shake, rattle, and roll" his toys, as he is about 6 months delayed in his reactions, due to the brain surgeries, and such.. The specialist told his mom/ dad that he will be delayed, for awhile, and possibly permenatly due to the stroke he suffered while in utero.. But, he is at least now, shaking his toys that make sound, which is a big deal to him, he just grins, and grins, and grins when they make sound. He can't see the toys lighting up, due to the blindness, but he sure knows sound really well.. He is also now, " walking" more, though he doesnt walk like you would see a 17/18 month old do. He can't crawl, or roll over completely , but if we hold onto his hands, and he is standing, we say " Step, step, step" and he walks with us all over the house.. he can't do it unless he has the verbal cues, but man, does he love to be on his feet moving and groovin'..

Here are just a few photos from last nights short visit if you wanna see them.. Ollie loves his quilting angels, too , by the way, and sends his love to you all who " love him" back..Name:  041.JPG
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