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My first questions is about blades for the Rotary cutter--are they interchangable? Can I buy blades that are a different brand than my cutter? Also, will all of the different sizes of blades be used in the same cutter or do I need of different Rotary cutter for each size?

Charity quilts: I am going to make some chairity quilts for SafeHouse, which works with Domestic and Sexual abuse victims. They also have Safe houses here in town where the victims can go and live to keep them safe from their abuser. I plan on doing baby quilts but, since the children are of all ages and also some adults too, what other sizes should I make? Lap quilts? If so, what size is that? Does anyone use their donations for tax deductions? If so, how do you figure how much your donations was, especially if you are using scrapps or material from your stash? How do you prove you made the donations? Have the agency sign a receipt? Would appreciate your input. Thanks, Kathy
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  1. w7sue's Avatar
    Donated quilts - I make scrap quilts for donations and have used the following calculations for years! Find the total square inches for the quilt and multiply that by .06 for value of donation - have agency give you a signed receipt and I always take a picture of it to staple to it. I have been doing this for too many years and the IRS has never come to get me for it. No promises - can't even remember how I came up with the formula, just that it has never changed over the years.
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    The group I quilt with makes "passage" quilts and they are usually 48" x 60" finished. Call the group you want to donate to and ask what their preference is - do they want finished quilts or just tops - some groups in our area have longarm machines and they quilt the tops themselves. When I donate to them, I provide a finished top and back and they provide the batting.
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    You do need to have the correct blade size for your cutters as the cutters come in different sizes. One of the ladies in our quilt group in USA had been using carpet blades bought from Fronteir Freight 4 for $2.00. They also come in different sizes. Several of us tried these in our Olfa cutter and they are great and the price is great. I could not see any difference compared to the ones sold at leading fabric stores at a much much higher price. The blades were the exact same size and all stamped made in China from both stores. Check it out. I had purchased a sharpener years ago at a sewing store and have no problem sharpening my blades. A very good purchase to make as it saves from purchasing more blades.
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    Tazz - thanks for the tip - I think it was on Fons and Porter that someone sent in to use several layers of aluminum to freshen up dull blades by cutting through several times. Tried it the other day and it didn't work for me. I didn't have any luck with the rotary blade sharpener either so a cheaper blade that actually works it trully a blessing.

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