Patriotic Quilt Blocks for Joann Employee Entering Air Force

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by , 05-17-2012 at 07:53 AM (4618 Views)
Most of us buy fabric at Joann - right?
(Well, unless you don't)

And most of us have favorite employees who are really helpful.

Well, Ryan Rene is one of those people. She is a young lady who has taken her oath and is finishing her qualifications in broadcast journalism for a stint in the US Air Force.

I had an idea that I thought it would be a fabulous show of support by quilters from across the country. If you are so inclined, I would like to invite you to make a patriotic square that I will sew into a quilt to give her before she leaves for boot camp.

The details:
It will be QAYG - Quilt As You Go.
Colors are Red, White and Blue - prints, solids, anything.
Top and Batting should measure 12"
Back should also be red white and or blue and measure 14"
Please sign or label the FRONT with your name and state
Deadline to send squares is October 10th.
PM me for my address.

Thank you!

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  1. dabbler312's Avatar
    Krystyna - thank you for taking on this awesome project. Count me in for a block - do you want us to post photo before shipping? I'll pm you for your address soon.
    Have a fabulous day.
  2. Havplenty's Avatar
    krystyna the 11.5" finished block (12" ufs) size you request is not easy to find patterns for. the math is all off as the finished size is not divisible by 3. i was going to do a simple nine patch block but can't get the block size correct as 4.25" block don't work (11.75" ufs), 4" blocks dont work (11" ufs).

    maybe you had some blocks in mind when choosing this size. if so, please share them. if not, then i will make the 9 patch block 12.5" unfinished and cut it down to a 12 " block but it should still look okay. otherwide i would have to create something to fit the specs and well.....
  3. grammyj's Avatar
    I'm like Haveplenty, having hard time finding 12" patterns. If you make 12 1/2" blocks and trim them down it cuts off points and doesn't look good.
    Would it work if you made 12 1/2 blocks and then make the backing 14 1/2".
    Just asking. Thanks,
  4. Judith1005's Avatar
    Just in case anyone comes to look....I just made 4 blocks QAYG for Krystyna. 2 of them are churn dash 9 1/2 in sq. I just bordered them to make them 12". I also did the same for the 2 twister blocks I made (a bit smaller then 9 1/2 in sq). I just added a border to make them the correct size. I hope this makes it easier for others to just take your favorite blocks and make anything that is 12" or less. They really do look pretty with a border. And they will look great together. They are super fun to make. I had a harder time just picking a couple favorites. I just know Krystyna will get more then she needs for just one quilt.

    Oh Darn, I forgot to take pictures of them.) Maybe Krystyna will post. Hope to see yours.
    Updated 07-26-2012 at 01:20 PM by Judith1005
  5. BuzzinBumble's Avatar
    Yep, you don't really have to find a 12" block pattern. Judith's idea of bordering your block works great. It looks nice that way with the backing fabric turned over it in the finished block. Wow - 4 blocks - good for your Judith! I only had time for one QAYG block, but did a 7.25" navy dot bear paw with a red calico border.
  6. Judith1005's Avatar
    Oooo, BuzzinBumble, That sounds pretty. You picked a good one!! I love the bear paw block. And, I had help with mine. My mom helped me cut. I pieced all four and then she quilted 2 and I quilted 2. I just hope Krystyna gets as many blocks as she needs. And, you are so right...when the backing turns to the front, it's pretty. It's going to be as pretty on the front as the back.

    I definitely need to try this type of quilt. It sounds like fun.

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