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Daymon is ok N' Spent some Genealogy Time Today

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by , 03-26-2012 at 02:43 PM (1114 Views)
Daymon is the blonde twin and he is the one that fell off his bike and had to stay in the hospital over night recently. As you can see he is just fine again. You can see his pic in the post below this one.

the boys will be 9 this next November. I can't believe how fast time flies and how much they grow up over night!

My mom has been working on an autobiography of her life for her grands and great grands. Devon the dark haired twin asked her if she would write down what she did when she was growing up so that started the book "All About Me" by Dorothy Mills. No it wont' be on the book shelves but it is interesting to read. She grew up on a farm and has many fun and funny tales of growing up on a farm in 1933 through her marriage to my dad and includes some about me and my family too. I know it will be a great thing to pass down through the family.

We have been researching and getting marriage certificates for my mom and dad her parents and her grand parents and her great grandparents to include in the book.

Mom and I went on a field trip today and went to the court houses in Van Buren Co IA and Memphis Mo to get marriage certificates copied at the court house of mom's grandparents on both sides. It has been really interesting and I have learned alot about genealogy(including how to spell genealogy with an a and not an o) and have spent alot of time searching online as well. I have had loads of fun.

My cousin Diane had been working on genealogy for several months and she came down and we spent an afternoon sharing what we all had. She and her husband Jerry were such fun to have here. We all had a good time.

Well I think I will take a short nap and then work on my EQ class lesson for this week. I didn't get it done last night. so I need to figure it out and post it yet tonight.

Wishing you all sunshine and warm fragrant breezes!!

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