My Dear Jane quilt, 'Jane, Past and Present'

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by , 11-21-2012 at 04:43 PM (19775 Views)
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I have just finished my Dear Jane quilt, begun on 1st Jan this year, with all the other Block of the Month Dear Janers. These little blocks (41/2in finished) really took me over, and I couldn't stop making them, so I ran ahead of the schedule and just kept going.

Some statistics: a total of 225 blocks and triangles, all machine pieced, and where the pattern called for it, I hand appliqued them. It is all hand quilted, and measures about 86in square.

I made it in 6 months, 22 days and called it Jane Past and Present because it is a very old design (the original was made in 1863), but I made it will all batiks, set in Kona natural cotton as a background, with a trip round the world format

It took over 5,500 pieces to make it (I had to revise my corner block to reflect the fact that I hadn't counted the sashing and scallops in my total). Some of the blocks only needed a handful of pieces, some needed over 40.

Jane, Past and Present
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One of the corners
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  1. giquilt's Avatar
    Wow! 6 mos! It is beautiful.
  2. ajw's Avatar
    Absolutely gorgeous!!
  3. judy363905's Avatar
    Six months, I can not imagine...I just love these little blocks.. I have all blocks, triangles and corners completed..2013 will be when I begin the sashing and the finish of my journey.. I fell in love with these tiny blocks. You quilt is wonderful..
    Judy in Phx, AZ
  4. almodent's Avatar
    i would love to ty to attemt this quilt but i love to hand sew any ideas as to where i can get the pattern your work is beautiful thanks for sharing
  5. almodent's Avatar
    i would love to ty to attemt this quilt&nbsp;&nbsp; but i love to hand sew&nbsp; any ideas as to where i can get the pattern&nbsp; your work is beautiful&nbsp;&nbsp; thanks for sharing <BR>
  6. BertieD's Avatar
    Absolutely gorgeous! I have the book with the patterns but no ambition to start it -- yet!
  7. ettyo's Avatar
    This is an amazing quilt, I admire your talent.
  8. ettyo's Avatar
    I love the quilt,what instead book name ? Thx
  9. Jingle's Avatar
    Absolutely gorgeous, it would require alot more patience than I could ever muster up. Wonderful job.
  10. june2rose's Avatar
    Beautiful....... especially with using the batiks. I thought about it a number of years ago, but decided I would never get all the pieces finished. Too many
    interruptions from my children and grandchildren. Lovely job.

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