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by , 09-07-2013 at 04:51 AM (1172 Views)
Good morning, I have been away for way too long. Its that working thing. I have question, can anyone give me some feed back on this EQ7 or any other software. My birthday is coming and my boys want to get this mom something. I was thinking I would love to have this software, but I keep reading how this software is not easy to use. I have only seen it at the quilt shop and not been able to play with it my self. My son thinks there should be a better and newer software- more user friendly. Can any of you advise me on this subject ?
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  1. Rhonda's Avatar
    If you want to see a preview of the EQ you can take a look at the 23 lessons I wrote for the EQ5-7.

    I create all of my quilt blocks and my quilts on my EQ and wouldn't be without it.
    I don't know about any new updated software but EQ is well worth the money if you want to design your own projects.
  2. Sharon-OH's Avatar
    Thanks Rhonda for responding, I'm still thinking about it. Now I'm going to check out what you have created.

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